Part 8
Dear Owner A Tag Game: Part 8
Life can be ruff
Dear human Mom,
I have a rare opportunity to let you know what I am thinking through a pug whisperer I met next door. I asked her to translate my thoughts onto a letter for you. Who knew this was even paws-able? I thought that would make you laugh. Something I don’t seem to be able to do. So, I like to hear people laugh. That is why I tilt my head to the side, trying to understand how you make a laughing noise.
#1 First, I have to tell you, it makes me very sad when you leave. I don’t know where you go or when you will be back. Why can’t I come every time? You know I love to ride in the car and go for a walk. I am always up for a trip somewhere. Except the vets. Please don’t take me there anymore, you have seen some of the things they do to me there. I feel scared and a bit violated there. It’s not worth the treat. So please, take me with you when you go out. I just want to be with you all the time. Especially when we go through drive thru’s. I get so excited. Sorry I trample over you to get to the window. I just have to see the people so they give me a treat. I would like to go in all the stores with you. You only take me into the pet store sometimes. Why can’t I go into people stores? Is it because I pooped in the pet store that one time?
#2 I would like to discuss food with you. I appreciate you taking the time to pick out the best food for me and for giving me canned wet food sometimes. However, it’s not really that good. I don’t like eating the same thing day in and day out. That is why I will eat anything that drops on the floor. I’m desperate for variety. I’m just going to say it, I want people food. I want all the interesting things you put on your plates at night. All the different smells and colors. I want what you are having. I will happily trade my food for yours or we can all have the same people foods every day. I still like my treats though.
#3 The cats. How to put this nicely? Can they live some where else? They act like they own the place. They stand in front of my water on purpose so I can’t take a drink. They sometimes try to scratch me when you aren’t looking. I don’t like it when they curl up by you. That’s my spot. Plus, why do they get to go to the bathroom in a box, inside? I have to go outside rain, shine or snow. It’s not fair. Plus, have you seen the Shining? When I try to go upstairs and the two cats are sitting at the top staring down at me, it is like those twin girl ghosts. I especially don’t like them playing with my toys. My squeaky balls should be off limits to them. Honestly, they scare me.
#4 When you watch tv, can’t we put on something good like the animal channel? I like movies with animals. I enjoy barking at other dogs on the tv. I don’t know how they get in there but it is entertaining. When I nap I like you to stay by me. I don’t like to wake up from my nap to find you missing. I have to hop down and find you right away. If you have gone out that is the scariest. I don’t know if you will come back.
#5 I love it when the kids play with me. Please tell them I don’t like to be dressed up. I’m sure I look adorable, but I don’t like clothes or costumes on. I feel best in my own fur coat. Also, I don’t like my nails cut or my face wiped off. No more of that nonsense. Baths are okay. I love to run around the house after, all fresh and clean as you chase me with the towel to dry me more.
Things that I like.
#1 I love it when the family plays with me. You should do it more often. I don’t like it on school and work days when everyone is so busy.
#2 I love scritches and pets. I love to cuddle too.
#3 I love it when we play outside or go to the beach. Just don’t make me walk too far when it’s hot out.
#4 I love it when someone gives me some people food. Especially meats.
#5 I like going on vacation. The cats always stay home.
Love always,
Phoebe, your adorable pug
P.S. The neighbor would like you to pick up my mess by her flower garden. Sorry, I know you told me to go in Phoebe’s yard, but I got excited over at the neighbors and had a little emergency.
**Rules** -Make a letter from your pet to you or just any non-domestic animal to their owner. It can be funny, serious, or realistic just do whatever your inspired by.
—Use any art by this artist but if this artist doesn’t have the animal you want use whatever art you want.
-Use a picture of the animal writing the note for the cover. Title the book Dear Owner then write the part you are doing.
-Tag one other person you think would like to do this.
-If you don’t want to do this please let me know in the comments.
—I would like to tag @anashi_5 @KittyStories99 @Storiz @KookieKrazy and @DancingJellyBean128 I’m sorry about what happened to your story and you don’t have to do it if you don’t want to:)
-Here are your parts
-@KittyStories99 part #2 (the person you tag will have part 7) @Ilostmyunicorn8
-@anashi-5 part #3 (the person you tag will have part 8) figment68
-@Storiz part #4 (the person you tag will have part 9)
-@KookieKrazy part #5 (the person you tag will have part 10)
and -@DancingJellyBean128 part #6 only if you want to (the person you tag will have part 11)
Part 1: overboardstories
Part 2: KittyStories99
Part 3: ananshi_5
Part 8: figment68
Part 9: I tag..... @sparklesloth0 !! Please let me know if you can’t do it. Thank you. figgy
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