Delicate, Not Fragile
To Pour Out Your Heart
A cold wind blows into my heavy heart.
Heavier then it ever was, heavier from the start.
Every step I take
I feel I will not make
It ever out alive.
And forever they will laugh
Raising there mighty staff
But only will they shake my heart divine.
Oh hope, Oh faith,
Will you let this happen?
Come what may?
To pour out your heart,
And then to tear them apart
Is pure evil, yes, pure vile.
Yes every mile
That I take
Is only ice and hate.
Every time
I close my eyes,
Your there,
Knowing that I will never repair.
So are you happy now?
Have you fulfilled your desire?
Your never ending tire?
You’ve won, old friend.
And so will you again and again.
Because no one can hear my call.
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