Susmen: I know you need me. I know you want me. I know we cannot just rely on each other. Bravery. That was what we needed to separate. But there is also intertwine in us. In our hearts. We treasure our memories and frame our thoughts.
Just by staring off and losing ourselves, we cannot make it.
Just by predicting the future, we cannot make it. Things are especially hard to predict, especially the future. We cannot accurately predict the future.
But if we have the right equipment, we can predict the weather. But we cannot control the weather.
Just by aiming towards perfection, we cannot make it either. Nobody can be perfect. Not ever.
I can help you. I can guide you in your paths. I can be your light. But I cannot be you. I cannot help you do what you are doing. I cannot help you walk. It is up to you. You are the driver and I am the navigator. We cannot both be the driver.
I can tell you, you are actually gorgeous. Your eyes, your face, your hair, your sleek body, and even your feet.
Density cannot change. The laws of mathematics cannot change. Mass cannot change. There are many things in life that cannot change. I will help you change what you can. But I cannot guarantee that I can do it. I am not an expert.
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