It can be good

Nobody knows where they're going with their lives. Not really.

Chapter 1: Introduction.
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5 [Chapter in review, check back soon]
Chapter 6 [Chapter in review, check back soon]
Chapter 7
Chapter 8 [Chapter in review, check back soon]
Chapter 9 [Chapter in review, check back soon]
Chapter 10: New message
Chapter 11: Talking
Chapter 12: Cafe
Chapter 13: Trees and mys(tree)ies
Chapter 14: Goodnight
Chapter 15: Before dawn
Chapter 16: Backstabbers
Chapter 17: The Plan
Chapter 18: Getting The Dirt
Chapter 19: Did I really just say “yes” to her?
Chapter 20: Art class is no longer safe for me.
Chapter 21: The horrid game of Truth or Dare.
Chapter 22: Double crossed
Chapter 23: Chapter 25 (IDk what name to give it)
Chapter 24: Plan B
Chapter 25: Hackers part 1
Chapter 26: Hackers part 2
Chapter 27: Secrets
Chapter 28: Burned
Chapter 29: Bright and white
Chapter 30: Visitors
Chapter 31: The Dare Story/ Outside
Chapter 32: The Girl
Chapter 33: Getting out
Chapter 34: The Calls
Chapter 35: Excuses, problems, and more dang problems!
Chapter 36: Life or Death
Chapter 37: ‘It’
Chapter 38: Chapter40 part 1
Chapter 39: Flashback (Interval) (That day)
Chapter 40: Chapter40 part 2
Chapter 41: Messages, messages, messages
Chapter 42: Save me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chapter 43: Mrs. Aubrie and the Awkward Visitor, A.K.A: Me
Chapter 44: Stupidity
Chapter 45: Sleepover Slip-up part 1
Chapter 46: Sleepover slip-up part 2
Chapter 47: Sleepover slip-up part 3: The last part
Chapter 48: School begins again, on a terrible start...
Chapter 49: The Day Where Things Finally Look Up...

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