It can be good
My name is Angelica. I’m a fourteen-year-old girl afraid of going to high school, just like any other student. I’m terrified of change, I’m leaving all my old friends behind to go to a new school. I’m no social butterfly and the thought of having to find new friends scares me to no extent.
My phone vibrated.
New message
I decided to check it.
BFF: hey, :(
I texted back.
NEWGRL: Hi, :(
BFF: do you have to go, i could ask my parents to adopt you!!!!!
NEWGRL: nope dont think so, sorry T^T
BFF: well ok, you changed your name already
NEWGRL: yeah, moving today so...
NEWGRL: i gtg ttly moving now :( visit me?
BFF: :( yeah i promise to visit bye text you later
NEWGRL left the chat
BFF left the chat
I ran downstairs, boxes all packed, that sad feeling overcame me, my eyes swelled with salty water, I held strong and sucked them back into my eyes. “Goodbye childhood!” I yelled across the emptiness of my home. It only echoed back. I shut the door behind me and got into the car.
“Honey, you okay?” My dad asked concernedly, he put his hand my shoulder comfortingly.
“Yeah, I guess so,” I say trying to hide the lump in my throat.
“Everything will be okay, besides the place we are moving to is bigger and nicer!” My mom said cheerfully as she put her hand to the back seat and held my arm.
“Yeah, that is going to be nice.” I give a weak smile unconvinced. It’s hard to see the good when you’re so nostalgic. During the ride, I check my phone for any texts. But, I got nothing.
We finally arrived at our house, the moving van was already here. I got out and stretched my legs a little, that three-hour car ride cramped my legs up.
I look at our new house, it’s yellow with white outlines and a black roof. Like in those movies or books or something. I could see pink curtains laced up by the windows, tied neatly with some white ribbon. Mom was right, it was pretty but it didn’t look so big.
The door was a faded brown as I pushed it open I noticed how smooth and warm it was. I walked in and sunlight filled the entire house, it was fully set up and ready to go, full of boxes for me to unpack.
That’s gonna take a while.
I carried all my boxes to my new room which has a huge window that pushed outwards and a small bench with cushions, and a shelf underneath to put books and stuff in. The rest of the room was empty, except for a walk-in closet and the baby blue walls with a soft silver mist to it. It did have a cutesy feel to it which I loved.
My phone rang, I jumped to a comfortable spot on the bench by the window.
BFF has joined the chat
SMILY has joined the chat
NEWGRL has joined the chat
BFF: heyyy you two
SMILY: heyy how it going
NEWGRL: hey! its good and just started unpacking anything new for you guys?
BFF: well lets see, umm my bff is gone!
SMILY: she means to say we rlly miss you!
NEWGRL: i miss you guys too so much
NEWGRL: but i have to go and finish unpacking sorry
BFF: bye =(
SMILY: first time im not smiling ):‘
NEWGRL left the chat
BFF left the chat
SMILY left the chat
By the time I was nearly done unpacking the boxes for my room, it was already dark outside and time for dinner and I was starving. My bed was all set up, it had a white backboard and frame and a big engraved heart on it. I had purple bed sheets and a violet with white polka dots and a blue blanket.
I stuck all my clothes in the closet and finished putting everything in my new dresser which was green, brown and white with a sky blue and yellow star lamp.
I put up my puppy and art posters up which made the room seem less barren and more like me. I set my study lamp and desk which gave the place some light and I placed lots of pencils, paper, and drawing materials for me to get to work with. I set down my teal rug on the hardwood floor and even attached glow in the dark stars to my bathroom door which gave the room a universal look.
I’m happy with how my room turned out and the house already seemed more comfortable, but the anxiousness that school was starting in one week was gnawing at me.
I don’t know if I’m ready to be the laughing stock of the school.
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