Part of the Destiny Trilogy
Destiny’s Legend
The Grand Story
It all began thousands and thousands of years ago, as the stars looked down upon Earth. The humans, for eons, had worshipped the stars, but, much to the star’s dismay, they began to tell stories of other divine people. Shunning the stars, the humans gave the wise stars a cruel tyrant who watched over them- Nut, the Egyptian goddess of the stars. Later they were freed from her rule, only to find that the Greek goddess Astraea had taken her place. It went on like this until finally, the stars had had enough and they punished all of humankind, with the worst kind of punishment man could possibly have- a gift.
Yup, that’s it. The grand story of how Destiny was formed. Pathetic, right? They don’t even say the word “Destiny” in the entire story! And how could those star-people-thingies possibly punish us with a gift? I don’t get it. But, that said, I’m still going to tell you the story, because I already made up a prophecy about me being possessed and telling you this story. And, obviously, a fake Destiny has to follow his own prophecy to seem real, right? Actually, it would be great if EVERYONE would just follow my prophecies, like that queen from Hinterdoodle kingdom, or whatever it was. Anyway, the story. Right. So, this is the fantastic story of how the real Destiny came to be, punished mankind, and, of course, spoiled everyone’s favorite movies, books, and tv show finales. So, here goes! Please read this whole thing. I had to read a really long book to get all of this boring information for you. So, you’re welcome.
Signed, Destiny
Giver of Fates
Bringer of Doom
Maker of Awesome
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