You asked. I answered.
Double Death by Shaky Smile
“To do list,” I run over to delay getting out of bed, “Get dressed, grab my lip studs, put homework in- OH BLARG!” I yell. “I forgot to do my math homework! Just pretend that it’s done,” I bare a shaky smile. “Just pretend. Isn’t that what Melanie would do? Yeah, she’s an actress, that’s what she does.”
I grab the studs for my snakebite piercings.
“I wonder if Melanie likes my piercings,” I mumble as I walk downstairs.
“Hey, son!” my father puts down his newspaper. “Did you get all your homework done?”
“I’m fine, thanks for asking.”
“Did you?”
“Well,” my shaky smile comes back for an encore.
“Hey, Camron,” Melanie greets me before class. She’s wearing a purple dress with Cheshire cats and gears all over it that cinches perfectly at her waist. She paired it with her black leather jacket and black leggings. She usually wears bright red lipstick, but today she has a dark sparkly burgundy lipstick to go with the cute edgy look she was trying to go for. Her short brown hair was down as usual.
And her dark brown eyes? Still hauntingly captivating. A silent siren song.
“Hey Melanie,” I manage to get through without stuttering. But my stupid shaky smile comes back. She smiles, not that she wasn’t smiling before.
“Okay, so we have that big test coming up. Do you want to be in my group?”
“Uh, sure. Yeah, yeah, totally.”
“Okay, see you later!” She turns, waves, and walks away.
“See ya,” I smile that shaky smile before going to Class-I’m-Failing-One.
“I’ll just pretend I have it done,” I think to myself. “Melanie acts. Melanie acts all the time. And she draws. And sings. Her voice is beautiful. Oh gosh. What if she doesn’t want to be with someone who’s failing four classes?”
“Do you have the homework?”
“Um, I have some of it,” that shaky smile comes back around.

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