Diary of a Missing Girl
The Thought
May, Wednesday 28th 11pm
Dear Diary
My name is Mary and I’m 15 years old.
I have an older brother named John, 17.
And I have and older sister named Clare, 20.
Two girls at school are being really mean to me. Jane and Katy keep saying I should have never come here. That I should not have moved from Quebec. And that I should just run away and leave Calgary forever. I’m starting to think they may be right.
Maybe I should run away.
But I should know what that would do to my parents. Especially after Clare (my older sister) ran away at age 18. She has now been missing for 2 years, and I’m starting to think that she may be dead. But mom and dad still think she will come back one day. But I know she won’t.
You’d think mom and dad would be use to there kids running away by now.
What if Jane and Katy are right? What if I don’t belong here? Should I run away?
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