She’s always been the odd one out
Chapter One
My name is Valerie. I’m twelve. I’m different. I have Avoidant Personality Disorder. I prefer to be alone, than with people. Avoidant Personality Disorder (APD), means that you’re socially awkward, shy, and don’t want to stand the negative criticism that being social can bring in. So, I stay shy. I don’t talk much to anyone but my family. And my best friend Sara. Sara calls me Val.
Classes are fun, for me. Because the kids are so hyper active, as soon as the teacher’s back is turned, they go crazy. Paper airplanes and spitballs go flying. Kids text, or pass notes. Birthday party invitations are handed out, and by the end, almost no one learned a thing. The whole time, I’m reading a book.
I have boring, brown hair. Dull. It doesn’t shine like the other girls’. I usually braid over my shoulder. I have brown eyes also. Not very interesting. They don’t sparkle when I’m happy. I wear boring, lame clothes. Usually jeans, that my cousin Anne used to wear, and a plain tee-shirt for me. Plain sneakers that are pink and gray.
I am NOT popular. I’m not really bullied, I just never seem to get attention. Having APD is weird, because I see all the other kids, laughing, talking, and having a whole bunch of fun. But then there’s me, the quiet, unpopular, strange girl, who no one wants to be around. I AM a target for bullies, but they just don’t care enough to hassle me.
Sara is a funny, hyper, sweet girl , who is the exact opposite of me. She wears beautiful designer clothes. She has sleek, shiny golden hair, which she currently has in a bob cut. She loves attention, pink, and over all people. She’s popular. Yet, out of every girl in the school (Savannah, Lucy, Abby, Dani, Anna) She chose me to be her best friend. I love her for that.
I hope this helped you guys get to know me, but if not, or you have any questions about me, please feel free to comment below, ask about me, Sara, or anyone else. Thanks! Bye!
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