Different!!! A Tag Game Part 1.
All Alone!!!!
I knew I was different right from the very start, there was something weird about me I couldn’t change it.
Rrrrrrr... My head throbbed with pain, where was I? What’s the time? I stood up carefully I examining the room. This isn’t my room where are all MY trophies; my pretty lialic bed covers; where’s my little sisters tiny bed. Desperately looking for an escape root I jumped out of the gnarled bed leaping across to this weird window still with bunny rabbits, it was a long way down but I could escape. Slowly, I opened the window when a wrinkle old hand brushed against my face, “Hello my darling Cherry Blossom,” he eerily chanted, my head shot round to glare at him. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... I was struggling to breath, I could hear the pulse beating in my ear making me hear nothing. As I glanced back at him I saw him smile at me, his smile reeked with wicked and evilness. His big, beady, black eyes watching me every move. I could tell he held many secrets just from looking in his hideous desperate eyes. I’m only 17 I wanna go home, I pretended that he didn’t terrify me by glaring at him with my small emerald eyes but deep down I was gonna pee myself with terror. At least he didn’t know my name. “Oh but I do... Mandy. Hahaha. Mandy Holmes. Am I correct.” His laugh made the ground shake, the birds stop singing it even made my heart stop with terror.

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