Usually, I wake up at 06:35 - right on the dot may I add. Now I’m staring at shiny metal, and it’s 13:43. My arm is unexpectedly rusty today, it squeaks and groans whenever I move. My eyelids are feeling heavy so I let them droop a little until they cover my eyes. When I wake up once again I’m no longer staring at the shiny metal, but a shoulder instead. I try to speak but my tongue is caught in my throat so I let out a strangled squawk.
“This one’s up,” a voice bounces off the side of my head and I feel a small pinch of pain in my temple.
I attempt to speak again but I still sound like a struggling bird.
“I think the meds are wearing off of her,” the voice booms once again, the pain in my temple radiates.
I hit something hard and cold and then a large light is swung into my face. I try to move but my right leg is a dead weight, my left leg spasms and then falls limp.
“Hmm...” another voice drones and then the bright light is shoved aside. “Interesting... this one isn’t a hybrid.”
“What do you mean?” The other voice inquires, I tremble with fear as I feel something cold stroke my arm.
“Well... her right arm is completely metal, her jaw and left ear is steel, and she is recovering faster than the others,” the sound of drawers opening and closing made my throat itch.
I take a breath and then try to talk, my squawking almost sounds like a language.
“And she’s attempting to speak, so her brain is functioning well,” a tall, slim figure donning a white lab coat appears out of the corner of my eye. I watch the glint of a needle appears and I start shaking. I kick my legs as much as I can and try to flail my arms, I squawk and screech.
“Hold her down,” the man commands, a strong pair of arms lands on my chest and thighs. I sputter and gasp for air, my lungs screaming for oxygen.
I kick my legs free and then get enough strength to push the pair of arms away, I stumble off of the table.
“What the hell are you doing? Grab her!” The figure bellowed and then an even larger and burlier body came barreling towards me. I stumbled away, my legs slowly regaining feel as I wobbled through identical hallways. I felt my chest trembling from my racing heartbeat as I stumbled past cages filled with various bodies stuffed inside.
The sound of boots hitting metal made my spine shiver.
“Where are you...” a low gravely voice purred, the sound carried through the corridors like a shockwave.
I slumped against a wall where the lighting was dark and you could barely see three feet in front of you. I held back my panicked sobs that were pounding against my chest. My hands wandered around until I felt something cold to the touch and heavy. I wrapped my hand firmly around the tool and quietly took a breath. The thudding of boots became louder and louder until I could see the silhouette. I gripped the weapon even tighter and inhaled deeply.
“Come on out Botty...” the man growled, his voice even lower than before.
I swallowed my cries and then sprinted towards him, my tool raised high. I struck him on the shoulder, the only response was a soft grunt. I struck him across the cheek, I was yelling and howling as I did so. I went for another blow to his other cheek when he grabbed my arms and pinned them to my sides, the tool clattered to the ground in defeat. I still couldn’t speak, so I just let out a strangled cry.
“Keep your mouth shut!” The man hissed. I opened my mouth again, but a large calloused hand clamped it shut.
I felt myself being hoisted into the air. I finally opened my eyes after a couple minutes of silence, we were running farther away from the lab. I let out a whine and then the hand releases.
I don’t say anything - well, I can’t. I stay silent, but when the guy opens a door and the only sound filling my ears is the wind screaming. I kick and yell as he sets me down, but he still pins my arms to my side.
“Jump, now. Just trust me and jump,” I finally get to witness the man’s features, the sunlight finally flooding into the plane. He has an abundance of scars running down his jaw and cheeks, his eyes are surrounded by purple flesh, and his skin is atrociously fair.
I let out a screech of disapproval, but the guy just shakes his head.
“Jump, or I’ll push you!” He threatens.
I shake my head and then the next thing I know I’m coming closer and closer to the ground.
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