A letter from across the universe
Dear Dylan,
Dear Dylan,
Greetings fellow earthling!
Ok I have to stop being formal.
Hello, Dylan! I have missed you sooooo much. How are things on Earth? Any homework assignments racking your brain? Any weird weather lately? Rain? Firestorms? Ooh, what about HAIL??? Alright, I know. Oklahoma doesn’t typically get hail, but that is why it would be weird weather.
I have had some interesting storms where I am right now: acid-hail, ice-spitting geysers... Yeah, a lot of strange things on this planet.
Right now I am stationed on a frozen planet that is father away from its sun than I’d like. Some giant ice pillars dangle precariously off of a cliff nearby. In the distance I can see jagged mountains of ice rising along the horizon. Everything is fragile here. Fragile but perfect.
The surface temperature of this planet is close to -350° Celsius. And this is only during the day! At night, the temperature drops well below that.
At night I can see trillions upon trillions of stars flickering in and out of focus. The Milky Way splits the sky in half, forming a thick stripe of stars and dust between them.
If I look close enough, I can see our home star. Every time, I tear up because I’ve left my loved ones behind. My three traveling companions Skyelar, Chloe, and Josh, sometimes get homesick too.
Most of the time, we spend our days testing ice samples for signs of life. It is almost impossible for us to go outside, because the frigid chill would give us frostbite the moment we step out of the shuttle.
I expect to arrive home in a few months. We are planning to fly closer to the planet’s sun, Quille, before returning home.
I recall someone saying “Sometimes you have to go up really high to understand how small you really are.” and it is true. You really are only one nanometer or smaller when you think about it. I have pondered on this for so long. The universe is absolutely huge. Could there be more life out there? There is so much space in the universe, yet we don’t know where or if it ends. There has to be more than just us...
Sometimes I look up into the sky at night and wonder where I’ll go next.
I can almost picture your face willing me to travel on. But I feel as if I’m living in the past. The light coming from our home star is literally from the past. Which means that you may have forgotten about me. Maybe you have even moved on, not even caring about where I am or how much I actually think about you. The thought hurts me; it would kill me to see that you have moved on without me.
I miss you so much, Dylan. I wish you were here alongside me. I’m so far away from you and I feel part of me is missing. I wish you could have come along; you would have loved the trip. I wish we would have been closer, more like a real couple.
Stay safe. Say hi to my friends and family for me.
I love you.
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