Because she’s pretty when she’s mad
Polar Opposites
Fawn Lewland was a strong-willed 15 year old. She had black hair and green eyes. She was a natural sort of pretty and was a plain sort of height. She had good grades, friends, and ideas. She was nice, but if you got her going, she had a ravenous temper.
Rowen Stok was a fun-loving 15 year old. He had blond hair and blue-violet eyes. He was an awesome sort of attractive and was slightly tall. He had varying grades, friends, and ideas. He was nice, but if he found it funny, could drive someone insane. He only did it when he wanted to though.
If you saw them in she hallway together, you would either think they came from different planets, or, if they were fighting, that they were siblings. But no one had ever seen them in the hallway together. They seemed to avoid each other. No one seemed to even link them together. If you ever did, everyone would think you were insane.
That’s the way it was. Fawn is around, Rowen isn’t. Rowen is around, Fawn isn’t. Natural enough. That was until the 10th grade teacher, Mr. Hankson, paired them in a project together. Everyone saw their heads together and almost thought of a yin-yang. It was completely different.
Fawn being decently pretty had somehow made Rowen’s friends figure he would ask her out. They obviously didn’t know Fawn very well. Rowen being a cool guy had somehow made Fawn’s friends figure she would fall for him. It doesn’t always work out that way, now does it?
The first couple of days seemed to be a success to Fawn. They were getting their work done in a reasonable amount of time. They had a couple small disagreements here and there, but it was all working out.
Meanwhile, Rowen wasn’t at all concerned about the project. He was trying to read Fawn. Was she really as pretty as his friends thought? Would she be fun outside of school? Was she too stuck up to tease? Or was she too sensitive to tease?
All would be worked out in due time.
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