Does It Really Matter?
Look at yourself. What do you see?
Maybe some brown hair, some slender arms—
No! What is inside you? What do you see yourself as? Who do you think you are, and who are you meant to be?
Falling, falling.
Down into the depths.
They sent me down here
in a swirl of blood
In a swirl of hate
is where I lie
and I where fall
The death
surrounds me.
The death
of me
and the rising
of them.
They’re more powerful.
They’re more influential.
They’re more meaningful.
Or are we all the same?
Are we?
That is left to be answered by you
Does it really matter
that you’re different?
Because we all are different
“not the same as another or each other; unlike in nature, form, or quality”
Not the same.
But if we are all different
why am I “different?”
Why have we all stumbled upon this question
meaningless yet full of meaning?
Why is it that they
put this label on me?
Why me?
You think
why you?
Why not them?
I have an answer.
They’re different, too.
We’re all different.
Our labels are all “different.”
But it’s the way we see it.
They don’t look at it like we should.
Different just means different.
Different doesn’t mean bad or good.
It just means different.
So why is different bad?
I’m different because I’m already dead inside,
swallowed up by the sea of hate.
I go along each day as an emotionless robot
because all of the emotions inside me have died.
I deserve this.
I learned the hard way
that standing up for yourself
is the way to go.
But you don’t deserve this
and you must learn this lesson
before it’s too late
and you end up like me
The world makes you different.
Yes, you’re different.
But does it really matter
that you’re different?
Because we all are
Falling down
to my death
is painful
but rewarding
to me.
But death
should never be
It is rewarding
because I feel
as if I am
escaping my troubles.
In reality,
I’m just a coward
Don’t try to escape your troubles.
Fight back
I’m meaningless
but you still have a spark
live on.
And yes, being different
does really matter.
In a good way.
Don’t end up like that person. Be who you must be.
Different. Yes, we must be different. We are different and we cannot change that.
Look at yourself now. What is it that you see now? Is it the same things?
Be different. Be proud of your differences.
Be different.
Hi, it’s Petal, the author, here! So I made this book to encourage/maybe inform?????? people of things (yes, totally very descriptive and specific). I hope you enjoyed it, and please tag others to let them know what it means to be different!
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