‘music is the wine that fills the cup of silence’ ~Robert Fripp
Muted Music
Meet Callie
Hello, my name is Callie Johnson. I’m fifteen years old. I have an eight- year-old brother named Corman. I go to Everbright Secondary School in New York.
Ahh, New York. I love the city sounds there; the honking of cars, the sound of the wind and the voices of the locals. But most of all, I love the music there; Jazz music, Country music, Pop music, Rock music, Classical music, you name it. I also take sign language classes in school. I’m not deaf, I’m only curious to see how it works.
I love to compose my own music and songs, sing songs and listen to music. I own my own music notebook, speakers and even headphones. I got all of those for my eleventh birthday by my Mum.
Everything was going perfectly well in my life. I had my friends and music. However, my whole life turned upside down soon. And it was all Dad’s fault. Okay, maybe it isn’t fair to blame Dad for everything, but if he hadn’t made the whole family move to California for his stupid new job, none of this would have happened.
This is my story...
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