Don’t Even Give A Thing
Why The Intro? Just why?
It’s Jolie. And I don’t care if you call me anything as long as its not Jules, Starburst, or Space Ship.
Call me that, and you’d be paying for your medical insurance.
Another thing, do not call me by my last name, Creytan.
Don’t be all like, “AYE CREHHHYYTANNN!” or “Whassup Creytan?” because that could land you in the E.R. Don’t believe me? Ask Tony Gawl. Let’s say he got me ticked and I may have broken his nose. His nose is now crook and he scowls a bit everytime I walk by. But still, ugh he googles me. Like always.
If you’d be like why? Well, lemme tell you. Ya’know how that story where a popular girl is “oogled” by all boys, envied by all girls, saps up everything, scowls at snobby girls when they are stuck up, and dumb, and snobbish as well?
I am just like that minus the snobby, dumb, stuck up, sapper, one-being-envied, girl. I am just (sort-of) a keep to myself, loud, and “defensive” (as I like to say) girl. Who cares for the envies and oogles? Like I don’t care!
But apparently, for my “sense” of style, and my looks, I am “considered” popular. So, basically, I have green eyes (Mam says it pierces through anyone), I have really, really, black space hair. Like jet-black which goes to lower than my... ’ahem’... breasts. I have thin but plump soft pink lips (says so Dad) and I’m about 5’3. Not very tall but tall enough to square up with anybody who messes with me?
So I’m considered....gorgeous. Um, ya.
But that changed ever since I met him. I guess I had an interest in him.
(One more thing about me, I don’t like people, let alone date.)
“Hey Jolie! Dear, come downstairs, I’d like you to meet someone, she’s an old friend of mine and she comes with some else!”
Mam sounded really excited like it was the President visiting us.
Really, Mam?
“Mam! Do I have to?”I complained.
“Yes.” she said with a hint of if-you-don’t-come-down-here-with-your-butt-Ima-get-you in her voice.
I trudged down the stairs wearing my galaxy long-sleeved crop top and black Nike spandex. Wearing no socks, my ugly feet stopped dead from the kitchen door.
In it was my curly black headed mom and a gorgeous brunette.
She was wearing some sort of sun dress and stood up to greet me.
“Hi!” she said warmly, “You must be Jolie. My, my you are just as beautiful as your mother. I’m Lily but you can call me Miss Lily.”
I mumbled a “hi” and glared a little at my mom.
Only then I noticed a boy about my age or older smirking at me.
He was also a brunette but mostly on the chestnut color, his hair dangled in front of his eyes. He had (can’t believe I’m saying this) cute stone grey eyes which now was surfing up and down my body, “checking” me out.
“Chris,” Miss Lily piped up, “Introduce yourself to Jolie, we are not rude guests.”
Hands in his khaki joggers he smoothly walked up to me and patted my head.
“What’s your name?” he said still smirking
“Dude,” I bellowed, “She said my name like two thousand times, how could forget?”
“Dang, girl. I was tryna’ be nice.” his mouth frowning but his eyes playful. He turned to his mom, “Aye mom! We gonna go upstairs and hang is that okay?”
“Yeah, sure.” she said without glancing, she was in a deep conversation with Mam.
“Ugh, if we have to. Come on to my room.”
We (actually I) trudged up the stairs to my purple room.
It was quite big with two orange bean bag chairs and a violet desk. It had a huge twin bed with a fluffy purple comforter. Fashioned around the room were dimly lit lamps and a big yellow soft rug in the middle. I call it home and peaceroom, on the other hand Chris called it:
“Neat!” he said peering in. “Can I take a pic?”
“Um, sure. As long as you don’t say who it is. I have a reputation you know.”
“Reputation?” he said barely keeping from laughing, “ What reputation?”
I ignored the comment,”Toughest girl in the school, and prettiest...” I whispered the prettiest part.
“Prettiest, huh?” he ran a hand through his hair.
Dang ! If I were a regular girl I’d faint in sight of him! Toned muscles, his abs were seen through his red shirt. Tanned AND sharp, his hair, his eyes!! Stone grey but so cute I was raving in that spot. ‘Stop,’ I thought, ‘ Don’t oogle over HIM!’
“Oogle over me?”
‘CRUD! I said it out loud! I’M NOT LIKE THAT’ I thought.
Chris suddenly moved closer to me. “Ya’ like me?” he said smirking.
Suddenly my old self again I growled, “Dude, please. Get off me!”
I shoved him and he seemed surprised at first but his stupid grin. He pushed me back to the wall.
“ You look cute when you’re mad.” he purred taking his finger and sliding across my jawline.
I pushed his hand away, “Cut it out will ya’?”
“CHRRRIIISSSS!!!? IT’S TIME TO GO!” a voice rang through room.
Looking back at me smiled an actual genuine smile, “Guess I’ll see you around?”
“Hm. Oh. Yeah, I guess.”
I plastered a fake smile as he took one more glance at me walked out.
I sure hope not.
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