Will They sOlve the mystery?
Don’t Hesitate
The End
Our last suspect was dragged from her hair, shrieking, and was thrown in with us. The person who threw Georgia in looked strangely familiar...
“W-Who are you?” I stammered, trying to be brave.
The figure stepped into the light.
And I couldn’t believe who I saw.
She was staring at me with a sinister smile, a smile I’d never seen before.
No, it can’t be my best friend-
“Surprised? Man, you should’ve seen the look on your face!” Her voice was high pitched and menacing, not sounding Hetty-like at all.
“Why...?” I was breathless and gasping for air.
“I know you, Grace Bellice, with your friend and the obsession you share about mysteries. I’ve watched, and ever since the party, you got me to keep a better eye on you. ‘How are you Hetty? You’ve obviously been shaken up by Jaiden’s party!’ How sickening!” she imitated me in a shrill voice that sounded nothing like me, and spat on the floor. “It wasn’t even a proper case if you think about it. The police weren’t searching the house, the body disappeared, and you were stupid enough to do the case yourself! “And when you’re dead, there will be no evidence it was me.” Then, with the hiss of a snake about to pounce, she added, “I’m gonna kill you, Grace Bellice.”
When she said that last sentence, my reaction was very delayed. After a few seconds of realising This is it, my best friend is going to murder me, I shrieked in despair.
WHAT DID I DO?!” I yelled in frustration. Hetty glared at me, her piercing blue eyes impaling my soul. I thought of the ghost of her soft, sky blue eyes and shuddered.
“You don’t know?!” she shrieked with unnecessary contempt. “ YOU DON’T KNOW?!
Wow, I thought, my friend really was a psychopath all along.
Georgia, James and Hamza flinched behind me. I was so absorbed in the fact that my best friend had betrayed me that I had forgotten they were there.
Hetty stormed up to me, fury in her eyes.
“Hamza is mine.” she snapped. “And you are stopping me from that!”
“How?” I asked, fear slowly possessing me.
“He has liked you ever since day one.” She whispered in my ear, every word a knife stabbing me.
The world went out of focus and suddenly it all made sense.
Hamza had a crush on me all along.
He blushed whenever I said hi to him, Hetty giving me dirty looks…
I overheard people daring him to ask me out...
As I was stuck in the world of realisation, Hetty suddenly pulled me towards her by the neck of my blue top. I screamed, and before I knew it, Hetty drew out a knife.
“Let’s make this quick,” she said in her cold, menacing voice. I felt a sharp jab at my neck, and I clutched it for dear life. Hetty pulled my shaking hand away fiercely. I struggled to pull against her grasp but nothing was working
“Grace!” Marcus and Hamza were screaming at the same time, but I couldn’t hear Georgia. However, earlier I heard the beep of a phone.
Then, pain shook all over my body and I blacked out.
No, Hetty got away, Hetty got away....
...she got away...
“She’s alive!”
...all because of me...
“Grace, wake up! We’re your friends, remember?”
...I’m a rubbish detective...
“Grace! Snap out of it!
My body jolted fully awake. Six faces...no, three, were staring at me. As I looked at them for longer, they were faces belonging to Marcus, with his light brown hair and blue eyes, Hamza with his dark hair, skin and eyes and Georgia, with her raven black hair and green eyes. Their heads were blocking a white light which was so bright it made my eyes hurt. My chest also hurt as well.
“Wh-where am I? Where’s Hetty? Did she get away?” my mind was full of questions.
“Hetty’s in the past now,” Marcus said calmly, smiling. “How are you?”
“I-I don’t know.” I stuttered.
“It’s okay to be confused. You’re in hospital now. Since Hetty got you hurt, you nearly died of blood loss. But I’m so glad I called the hospital and the police!” Georgia answered.
“Me too! I was worried sick about you, Grace!” Hamza exclaimed, then he started to blush.”Uhhhh....I mean...”
“Hamza, everyone was worried. We’re just so relieved the police came after Grace passed out.” Georgia smiled. She probably made up with Hamza while I was out cold. Then she noticed something. “I think we should go now, Grace. I think Visiting Time’s over. We’ll see you soon, yeah?”
“OK!” I grinned.
“Bye!” Marcus and Georgia said, and strolled out. Hamza looked at me for a moment, still blushing.
“N-nevermind... b-bye!” Hamza stammered, staggering out the hospital ward.
After I was let out of the hospital, everything changed. Hetty wasn’t at school anymore, and I spent more time with Hamza, Georgia and Marcus. We were sort of a friendship group now, if 17 year old HAD friendship groups.
Marcus and I apologised to Georia for accusing her of Hamza’s ‘death’.
“Oh, it’s OK!” she smiled, “But Hamza’s my best friend! Do you think I’d murder him because of some silly incident? Besides, I forgive him too!” She hugged Hamza and skipped away. Marcus stared at Hamza in a way that said ‘Lucky you’, his cheeks burning. Did he like Georgia?
Well, I had my suspicions…
The following day, this happened…
“Hey…uh, Grace, can we chat?” he asked me after school.
“Uh, OK.”
“J-just… not here.” He steered me over to the emptiest place he could find, and began talking, his cheeks tomato red.
“Ever s-since Hetty w-was taken away, I…admired your b-bravery facing her and solving the mystery.”
“Are you kidding?” I said in disbelief. “All I did was go chicken, play Mystery because I felt like it and only just got saved from dying because of my own curiosity.”
“No. Without you trying to solve it, Hetty would have never got caught.” Hamza wasn’t stuttering, which surprised me. I went red in the face, as his dark eyes twinkled into my heart. “She did it so well. I’m sorry for leading you into this. If she’d never liked me, this wouldn’t have happened.”
“Th-thank you.” I wasn’t acting like me. What was going on?!
“Which why I wanna say...I like you. I know you don’t like me back or anything, but I wanted to confirm it before Hetty spilled the beans. Sooo....yeah.” Hamza gave out a tiny, nervous chuckle. “I’m sorry. You’re pretty, and kind, and funny...ack, you’re probably cringing over me, right?”
I wasn’t. I was half listening, half gazing into his beautiful eyes.
“Uh, huh? N-no, I’m not.” I said after finally snapping out of my stare. “Hamza, thank you, but...I don’t know if I like you back or not. It’ll take a while for me to choose, but...I don’t know what to feel anymore.”
“Poor you.” Hamza wrapped his arms around me, and I just kinda stayed there, speechless. It actually felt kinda good, and made the hole in my heart for Hetty go away. I didn’t fully understand my feelings for Hamza, but that was OK.
That night, I took out a box that said ‘Primary School’ on it. Inside, were photos of me doing various things with a girl that had soft, sky blue eyes. It hurt me almost, and I felt like shutting the box’s lid.
But I didn’t.
I kept looking at the photos, the memories I spent with a girl who would end up in a bad place.
A girl who was no longer part of my life.
And I didn’t hesitate to think that.
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