Dragon Tamer
She was Born
As I wait in silence I wonder if she will be like the dragon tamer she is born to be. I shake my head she wont have a choice she may be the only dragon tamer when I die. I have the dragon egg she will be training with and she will learn to tame. I study it one more time to make sure its a lava dragon egg. I look around to make sure no one is looking and took it out of my pocket. I saw the bubbling flames which meant it was about to hatch I tucked it back in my pocket
Just before the nurse came out of the room the egg hatched in my pocket and the dragon was squirming trying to get out if my pocket. But I kept my hand over my pocket. She said they were ready for me to see the baby I walked inside peering at the baby.
She had emerald green eyes with little bits of raven black hair on her head and light skin. She was a beautiful baby.
I pulled out the dragon which also had emerald green eyes and speckles of raven black scales around its body. “Their twins” I said to Anna and Cris showing them the baby dragon. “There has only been one time that there has been a human and dragon born at the same time.” I informed them as they studied their baby and the baby dragon. “What does this mean?” Anna asked confused. “It means she is the new Queen of dragon tamers.” I told them.
Then the baby’s and the dragon’s eyes slowly changed from emerald green to deep ocean blue.
Just then the nurse came in, “well what are going to name the baby?” She asked them. It took them a while to decide then Cris said “Her name is Blue.” I suddenly realized I had the dragon and the nurse was staring at the sleeping body. I tucked it away, “A toy dragon for the baby when she is home.” I lied to her.
After two hours the couple and Blue went home, while I headed back to my cave for the dragon to grow for five years and for the twins to finally meet each other.
I started to set up the dragon’s nest as it slept on my bed, almost setting the sheets on fire. I set the dragon on it’s nest then fell asleep on my bed with hot bed sheets covering me.
I would have to wait five years to see Blue again and train her to be the Queen of dragon tamers.

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