Dragonfly Wings
“Change is my greatest fear.” I answered Leo honestly. We both sat outside criss-cross applesauce on a red and green plaid blanket in the luscious green Alaska grass. Leo’s crow black hair shined in the sunlight as he laid down on the blanket and said, “Well if there was no change, there would be no dragonflies.”
I brushed my auburnish brown hair back behind my shoulder as I watched him. “That’s true, it’s just...”
“Just what Tyler?” Leo placed his hands behind his back as he held himself up and looked at me, his lips twisted in a small smile. He knew I didn’t like being called by my actual name, Tyler. No one ever called me that, they called me Wolf as in my middle name is Lupus. “It’s Lupus, Lion man.” I swatted at his face playfully then sighed. “Change is always so sudden and it hurts.”
Leo nodded. “I guess I know what you mean.”
I looked him straight through the glasses and said, “You know what I mean.”
Leo and I had been friends since as long as we can remember. We’d go on walks with my Border Collie Artemis or ride bikes together. Basically, whatever we did, it was together. Just then my little sister Avery came out from the garage. She was squinting, the sun blinding her as she looked at Leo and me sitting on the blanket. Avery was wearing black leggings and a blue striped shirt along with no shoes as she asked, “Do you want lunch?”
“No, I’m going to Leo’s house for lunch.” I stood up and brushed off my capri jeans. “Tell mom we’re leaving.” I added with a glance to Leo. He was now standing behind me straightening his glasses. “I’m going to go grab Artemis.”
“Please don’t. Jeffery is allergic to dogs and gets nasty when you bring Artemis around.”
“Oh fine.” I said as we walked down the driveway. “Maybe Jeffery can go hang out with Avery for once.”
“Well, there only a month apart. Maybe he can play Minecraft or something with Avery.”
My sister Avery is soon to be thirteen but is currently twelve. She can be obnoxious at times like when she chucked a baby board book at my head and told me to read it to my baby Leo. Afterwards, she got her payment when I embarrassed her in front of her lifelong (not anymore) crush James Holland. I remember when Leo and I were at the Middle School Christmas Dance and Avery took James. I told them that they both looked adorable, helped them pour their punch and their faces turned blood red.
Once we reached Leo’s house, I saw Jeffrey sitting at the counter with his mom’s laptop. He briskly picked it up rolled his eyes at Leo then locked himself in his room. Leo looked at me and I just shrugged. Who cares what a thirteen year old thinks of me. Let him go hang out with Avery and they can go devise an evil plan to take us down. As if reading my thoughts, Leo shouted towards Jeff’s room, “Why don’t you go hang out with Avery at the Gray’s house?”
Jeffery yelled something back, but I didn’t hear it or care about hearing it. Again, what do I care about what a thirteen year old giggle freak thinks about me? You probably don’t know what I mean by ‘giggle freak’, so I’ll explain. Jeffery laughs about everything. In sixth grade he had to turn in circles while they were learning about the degrees in circles. He was laughing so hard his face was purple. Again, one day he was sitting all by himself and he laughed at that too. I honestly don’t see what’s so funny, but he’s a giggle freak and everything is funny. I mean I could say, your grandfather died, and he’d still laugh.
Leo sighed and sat down on a wooden stool beside the bar. His mom, Mrs. Watson, was cutting vegetables as she looked up at Leo and me. “So your Wilderness Survival camp starts tomorrow, right?”
I nodded. I couldn’t wait. Leo and I were going to be partners! We’d have to build a campfire together, set up a tent (we wouldn’t sleep together of course), we’d hike together, do archery, and well, I think you get the point. Mrs. Watson smiled as she asked Leo, “Are you all packed?”
“Yeah,” Leo answered. “My bag of stuff is on my bed.”
“Mhmm.” Mrs. Watson nodded. She passed us two paper plates with vegetables and turkey sandwiches. I took a bite out of mine and thought. This trip would be so fun and so nice to get my mind off of my father. He had to go on a hardship tour to South Korea for a year. In other words, he basically was living in Korea with out us. Which was fine because I didn’t want to move from my awesome friend Leo.
Once we were done, we went outside in Leo’s backyard where he asked me, “Do you actually love me?”
“Of course, Leo.” I placed my hand on his.”Why are you asking?”
“I-I don’t know.” He shrugged then laid down. “You know you are so pretty and cute?”
“Oh, Leo....” I blushed. “Your handsome and smart.”
All of the sudden I felt a tight grip on my hand. I looked down to see Leo’s hand holding mine. I held his back and sighed. Hopefully our love would be like this for the rest of our lives and we’d get married.
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