AshlEy has bad grades, and The only way to avoid it is to go to
Drama Camp
Bad grades
“Ashley, why do you always do this?” A woman with black curls yelled. “While do you always fail your grades?”
“I’m sorry, mom,” Ashley said. She had short light brown hair and black eyes. “I didn’t have time.”
“Time? What can you possibly be doing?” Ashley’s mother asked, raising an eyebrow.
Ashley pursed her lips and didn’t say anything. Her mother sighed, bringing a hand to her head. “I recieved a letter from your school.”
“And what did they say?” Ashley asked quietly and hopefully.
“Since you got an D- for almost everything, you can go to summer school,” Her mother started. “Or Drama Camp.”
Ashley frowned. Of course she would pick camp, but drama? She was terrible at it, and she hated it. But if she had to go to summer school...
“Drama Camp,” Ashley said. “Actors get a lot of money, right? Shouldn’t be that hard.”
Ashley’s mother smiled in satisfaction. She would be happier if her daughter went to summer school, but if she wasn’t good at math, at least she could be good at drama.
“Alright, I’ll sign you up tomorrow,” She decided. “Pack your bags. You’ll be leaving in 2 days.”
Ashley sighed. This wasn’t for her, this was for her mother. Ashley left her mother’s office and walked up stairs to her room.
Ashley glanced at the calendar; June 29. Which was the last day of school. Ashley took out her phone and texted her friend Jessica.
Hey Jess.
Hey, Ashley! What r you doing for the summer?
I’m going to Drama Camp :(
Why so sad?
I hate Drama...
Oh well! Will u have your phone?
Ouch. I’m going to Paris!
Um... Good 4 u.
Thanks! Goodluck at camp! I got to go, bye!
Ashley shut her phone. Her friends never understood— scratch that out. Her friend never understood. Ashley’s life was boring. Her father was at work for 15 hours a day! And it started at 7 am. She liked to draw better than anything; which was why she got bad grades. Doodles on work, sketching at home when she was supposed to do homework/study.
She started to pack in her blue suitcase. After an hour, her mother called for her to help for dinner- which was mashed potatoes and chicken legs.
When they finished dinner, Ashley went to bed. She couldn’t fall asleep for an hour and when she did— her father just arrived home.
Ashley opened her eyes and yawned. She checked the time: 6:50 am. Just enough time to see dad.
Ashley swung her legs over the bed and felt her feet touch the cold floor. She tiptoed down the stairs and found her mother giving her father his suitcase. Ashley waited until her mother left and then she walked to her dad. “Hey dad,”
“Ashley, my girl! You leave for camp at 9 am. What are you doing up so early?” He exclaimed. He had brown cropped hair and green eyes. He wore an orange suit with a striped brown tie.
“I wanted to say goodbye,” Ashley said.
“Well, you’re just in time,” her father laughed. He reached into his pocket and gave Ashley a necklace. It was silver and it had a golden heart. “I got it for you.”
Ashley grinned. “Thanks.” She hugged her dad.
Her dad smiled and checked the time on his watch. “Oh, wow! Time flies. I gotta go, tell your mom I said hi, looks like she left to make breakfast. Okay, hon, bye!”
Ashley nodded and watched her dad leave. She turned around, her hand clasped around the necklace, once her dad was a speck.
Ashley shut her eyes. She was going to miss it here more than she thought.

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