A short story
Dreams and Nightmares
The Only Chapter
We have dreams, we have nightmares. The difference? One shows what you want, the other shows what you don’t. If the world was all dreams and nightmares, what would the world be like? Lucky ones live with whatever they want at the snap of a finger? While others try to survive whatever is thrown at them? Perhaps this story is what it would be like, but we’ll never know for sure...
“Hey Olive!” I hear Jackson say, he sounds worried. He calls me Olive, but my real name is Olivia.
“Hey Jack!” I say, “Are you okay?”
I see the creature behind him now.
He looks friendly... It’s face turns angry and charges at Jack. I close my eyes. Sword! Sword! Please, give me a sword! Finally, a sword appears in my hands. I run at the creature and stab it. It runs away screeching.
“Are you okay?” I ask. The sword disappears.
“Yeah” Jack answers, “I wish I was a Joy like you.”
I’m a Joy, a person with great power, because I live in a dream. Jack, on the other hand, is a Fear. He lives in a nightmare. I sometimes wish I knew what he suffered, he won’t tell me about his nightmares. Most of the Fears don’t sleep, but they drop into a deep sleep if where they’re at is silent.
“I wish all the Fears were a Joy.” I say.
I have an idea.
“Is it possible to bring someone into a dream?” I ask, “Shouldn’t I have the power to do that?”
Jack lightens up, “You should! Let’s try it!”
I lie down and fall asleep, Jack does too. I imagine a beautiful forest.
I run around the forest in my pajamas, my bright red hair in pig tails. I stop, and close my eyes. I think of Jack, and don’t stop.
“It worked!” I hear Jack say.
I open my eyes, “Welcome Jack, to a dream.”
“I-I can’t believe it worked!” He says. A chocolate ice cream cone appears in his hand.” I can’t believe this is happening!” He says, “I could stay here forever!”
“I will let you stay here if you tell me what happens in your nightmares.” I tell him. _Simple enough. He knows I’m curious a lot._He stiffens, “I’d rather not say...”
“Why?” I ask.
“They’re about you.”
The truth comes out and I’m shocked.
“Do-Do you-“ He cuts me off.
He...He likes me... We stare at each other blushing.
We wake up due to a loud noise coming from behind us. We get up and turn around. We see the huge wall of fire coming towards us. We’re shocked but Jack acts as if this has happened before. Jack grabs my hand and takes me to somewhere far away from the wall of fire. Once the fire gets put out Jack hears his mom calling him for dinner. We say good-bye. I head for the wizard’s tower. The wizard who lives there is a Joy, but he gathers and makes things on his own. I don’t know why.
I climb to the top and go straight to the point, “Can a Joy trade places with a Fear?”
“Yes” He answers me, “It would take a lot of magic though. Mind if I ask why you want to be a Fear?”
“I have a friend who is a Fear, if I trade places and he becomes a Joy he can have whatever he wants.”
“Has he agreed to this?”
“Well, no... But I really want this for him.”
“Alright, if you really think it is what’s best for you two.”
The wizard starts making a potion. After a while of adding things and mixing, he scoops the potion in a bottle. “Here,” the wizard says, “drink it.”
I drink it. I feel the power draining from me. “What about my friend?”
“Think of him, so the power will go to him.” The wizard says.
I think of Jack.
I step down the last few steps. What is it with wizards and their tall towers? I see Jack running towards me saying “Olive! You need to see this!”
He stops in front of me and shows me how he can make things appear the way I can-could.
“How did I become a Joy!?” He asks.
“I traded places with you.” I say, looking at the ground.
“What do you mean?”
“I’m a Fear.”
“What!? How!? Why!?”
“I’ll live Jack, you need it more than I do.”
“You could die!”
“I won’t don’t worry.”
“Olive no...”
“I love you.” I say and sprint for the unknown. Jack is stronger than me, but I’m faster.
I sleep. Constantly going into some sort of nightmare, but all I can think about is Jack. I’ll be awake soon, then I can see him. Even if it means I have to watch him die over and over again. I know he’s safe. No matter how real this feels. I just sit and watch the horrors. This is what Jack had to see, every time he slept. I stare into the darkness. It’ll be over soon...
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