Droven Away
Foster Care
It was December 14, 2020. I was going into a foster home, It was a big mansion it was blue, and it had a bunch of windows. I spotted a blonde-haired kid staring out the window, glaring at me. “Mrs Caldo, I don’t like this place..” I spoke in fear. “Jenny, it is okay it’ll be fine.” Fine?! sure fine, i knew i would get tormented by a bunch of nerdy boys, teasing me about my hair.
I went into the gigantic house, when I walked in, it had a door in the front leading to the kitchen, with 2 staircases. On the left there was the bathroom, and behind me was the wooden door, it looked like a cabin. I needed to escape. “Mrs Caldo! Please, don’t let me up there, they’ll make fun of me!” I cried in fear. “Jenny! it’ll be FINE.” Mrs Caldo yelled at me, I startled.
We walked up the stairs, i clutched onto Mrs Caldo, I could hear the little kids laughing, they were gonna laugh at my ugly green hair, and my stupid red leather jacket. We got into the room with all the kids. I explored, there were a bunch of beds, i felt like jumping on them. The kids stared at me. “Kids, welcome our new foster child, her name’s Jenny.” The kids smiled and gave me a hug, i knew this would be the perfect foster care.

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