Dumb Things
The Arguemnt
Jessica arrives home after a long day of football practice. Her brother, Jacob is watching TV.
Jessica: Hi, Jacob.
Jacob: Uh, hey, sister. (Punches shoulder softly) How are you?
Jessica: (Brushes shoulder off) Um, fine. Anyways, have seen my bath bombs? I’m gonna take a shower.
Jessica walks towards the staircase but, Jacob blocks her way.
Jacob: Maybe you should watch TV with me. The show’s really good. (Grabs sister’s arm)
Jessica: Shove off! (Shakes Jacob off) You know what, I’ll just find them myself.
Jessica begins to walk again. She manages up the stairs. She turns toward her and her brother’s room door. Jacob blocks again.
Jessica: Go away! I’m already tired enough. I don’t need you making me exhausted.
Jacob: No, but.. Please, don’t go!! (Grabs arm again)
Jessica shoves Jacob away before opening the door of the bedroom.
Jessica: (Screams)
Jessica’s bath bombs are splatted on the wall. Jacob’s toy catapult is at the scene, smudged with leftover splatter.
Jacob: Whoops... (Backs away)
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