the confessions of an anorexic
Behind the Bathroom Stalls
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Behind the Bathroom Stalls

Lauren is struggling with bulimia and cyber bullying. Can she believe in herself before its too late?

Chapter 1: When You Don’t Look Like A Model (But Really, Really, Really, Want To)
Chapter 2: When You Do Something You Don’t Want To But Do It Anyways
Chapter 3: When It’s Photoshopped And You Know It
Chapter 4: When Basically Everyone At Your School Is Talking About You And They Don’t...
Chapter 5: When You Lose Your Best Friend And Really Want To Cry So You Do
Chapter 6: When You Meet A Poisoned Heart
Chapter 7: When You Have The Cutest Sister Ever
Chapter 8: When You Lose At Life
Chapter 9: When You Eat A Sour Apple And It Tastes Really Good
Chapter 10: When You’re Caught Doing Something Really Awkward (Like, Really, Awkward)
Chapter 11: When Your Sister Is A Big Skinny Liar
Chapter 12: When You Make A Friend(s?) For Once
Chapter 13: When You Want To Be A Barbie Doll
Chapter 14: When You Don’t Get Life
Chapter 15: When You Want To Stalk Your Stalker
Chapter 16: When Your Bestie Is Amazing And You Are Just Meh [Chapter in review, check back soon]
Chapter 17: When Your Support Group Is Super Cheesy
Chapter 18: When You Go On A Date With Your New Bestie And Faint
Chapter 19: When You Have Like The Sweetest Friend Ever (Besides McKenna, Of Course) [Chapter in review, check back soon]
Chapter 20: When You Get A Lot Of Visitors And Realize Life [Chapter in review, check back soon]
Chapter 21: When You Sneak Into Your Friends House
Chapter 22: When You’re Waiting For Your Best Friend Who Is Probably Dead
Chapter 23: When Your Best Friend Di-Nah, I’m Not Gonna Say It
Chapter 25: When Your Old Best Friend Is A Traitor
Chapter 27: When You Are Reminded Of How Much Life Sucks Right Now
Chapter 28: When You Begin To Just THINK
Chapter 29: When You Don’t Want To Be A Barbie Doll
Chapter 30: When You Kinda Realize You And Your Best Friend Aren’t Exactly Just “Friends”
Chapter 31: When You Really Love Your Daddy And He Loves You
Chapter 32: You Want To Know Whose Beautiful? (Look At The First Word.)

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