“Don’t ever leave me, because i can never leave you.”
“He looked at me with hurting eyes, but I couldn’t meet them with the vengeful shame that lived in my heavy heart. His eyes interlocked with mine for only a second, and I breathed hefty. He longed for my hand, he longed for my help. As much as I wanted to turn and walk away, a string kept tugging me towards him. I looked at him once again and whispered, “I’m sorry. I will always love you.” My eyes met with his once more, I wanted to stare into the deep blue forever, the abyss was drawing me in. Pulling away from the grasp, I turned my face to the sunset and walked away. Deep down, I knew I had to save him, but karma said no. I started a jog towards the beach, tears gathering up in my eyes. I needed him just as much as he needed me. “
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