sir, I’m afraid you’ve been....
It was time, Alexander thought to himself, that he accepted that the world was so not in favor today.
It was simple. He had just been hacked.
Or at least he thinks he did. It was very hard to tell. And the light pink background with little hearts floating around it that had invaded his phone screen did not help ease the chaos beginning to brew in his mind. In fact, the only thing that even remotely suggested that he had been hacked and not sent an E-card from his girlfriend (He’s not taken, to all the single ladies out there) was the bright red writing in the middle of the screen reading: YOU”VE BEEN HACKED!
Ludicrous, he knows.
He thought it was a prank. Some joke that Blake was pulling on him, or maybe even Max, he was good with technology. After a few minutes of staring in amusement at the screen, he tapped on his home button, expecting the flamboyant message to disappear like it usually did with all of Max’s other pranks.
Except here’s the catch: it didn’t.
“You have got to be kidding me.” He murmured under his breath while running a hand through his soft brown locks. He tapped furiously at the home button in hope that something would change, anything at all. The bright pink was burning his eyes and he was almost positive that the message alone had spiked his heart rate to a one-hundred BPM. Finally giving up he threw his phone onto his bed, burrowing his head in the velvet pillows.
The reasonable part of his brain told him to call his father. Sure, he was busy, being the CEO and founder of one of the biggest companies in the US and all. But he’d take out some money from his billion-dollar bank account to pay for virus protection for his son’s phone, right?
Just as he was about to get up to notify his father something unexpected happened.
His phone rang.
Even he had to admit that he was a bit too fast to pick up his phone. He answered the call immediately, not bothering to look at the caller ID. “Max?” He asked, breathing a sigh of relief. “Thank god, you almost got me there, with your hacker prank and all.”
And even though he will never admit it, he did fall off his bed and give out a very unmanly squeal when the voice on the other side said: “Hello lucky victim!”
This day was getting better and better.
His heart thumped painfully in his chest and he gave a little wheeze, his bleary gaze focusing on his phone. Hesitantly, he brought it up to his ear. “H-Hello?”
He heard the other end give off a sigh of relief. “Oh, thank god” The voice was female, that was for sure. “I was afraid that you’d be like everybody else and call the cops on me.” The female giggled. “You have no idea how long I’ve been doing this for.”
Alexander regained his composure. Frowning, his next words were laced with many emotions. A tinge of shock with a dab of disbelief and even the slightest hint of seductiveness because, even though he was being hacked, his playboy charms were still intact. “Excuse me?”
There was a bit of static on the other end before the anonymous person replied, laughing. “Where are my manners? I’m your hacker! The one who hacked your phone! But you can me Trinity, just so things aren’t so awkward.”
“Sure…..” he responded shakily, “Um…Hi Trinity.....”
“Hi Alexander!” Trinity responded cheerily. “Wow, out of all the people I thought I’d hack today, the son of a billionaire sure wasn’t one!” She spoke like she was discussing the weather rather than committing a felony. It irked Alexander, and against his better judgement, he continued to talk.
She was, to his sheer astonishment, rather talkative for a mysterious hacker. He’d had gotten far enough to her eye color before she stopped him, saying ‘you can’t fool a hacker!’ before directing the conversation to him.
“So Alexy,” He couldn’t help but smile at the childish nickname she had given him. “I was wondering…..why didn’t you tell your father about me? Or anyone, at that?” She could hear him take a sharp intake of air at the question.
Why didn’t he rat her out? She was a hacker, a threat. Yes, he didn’t have many secretes, but any reasonable person would of reported Trinity to the authorities immediately. He was Alexander Grams! Son of Bill Grams, CEO of Starstruck Tech! If anything he should have been the last person to ever associate with someone as lowly as a criminal. So, why?
Lonely. The though filtered across his mind and he was shocked to realize that it was true. He was always being held up to standards, having to shape to others views. When was the last time he was able to talk so freely about the things he wanted to talk about, not someone else, him. He smiled slightly, clearing his throat before responding.
I guess I just trust you.” He said quietly. “I’m not use to being able to talk so freely, to not checking what I say before it leaves my mouth. I guess you just make me feel like a real human being instead of some trust fund jerk.”
He took a breather after his rant. He had never said so much in his life.
He could hear Trinity sigh after a few moments of silence before saying “Your father’s assistant is calling you for dinner.”
Sure enough Delia knocked on his bedroom door a few moments later. “Alexander! Dinners ready!”
“Coming!” He turned his attention back to the phone call, surprised to see his old wallpaper, the message gone. “Hello?” He called out, “Trinity?”
No response.
He frowned before throwing the phone on his bed muttering. He had scared her off with his rant, he knew it. Grumbling, he walked to his door for dinner. Trinity was gone, and he was an idiot for falling for her false friendship.
A few weeks later, it was midnight. Alexander was on his phone, his finger wavering above Blake’s name in his contacts. He always called Blake if he wanted a good laugh.
But something stopped him. There, right above Blake’s name was another name in a cold black font.
He pressed call.
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