Only the smartest survive
The Test
My name is Ariana, Ari for short. I live in a expansion-house, which means you can expand the walls to your liking. I am 16 years old, and learning to drive a hover-car. I have a sister in kindergarden, Elaine, a mom, and a dad. Basically any other normal 16 year old girl. Welcome to 3017.
So here’s the story. The president decided that there were too many people in the country, so everybody except the adults (25 or older) have to take a grade-level test. I know I’m going to ace it, though. Both Elaine and I are the smartest kids in our grade. Elaine skipped preschool and they’re already thinking of putting her in second grade already. I never skipped any grades, but already all the local colleges and even a few out-of-state ones are offering me scholarships. But I’m nervous about my best friend Sophie. She doesn’t really get the best grades, but, maybe by some miracle, she’ll make it. They only choose the top twenty, though. Two people I know will make it are my crush, Hunter and a shy girl named Ayla. They are the second and third smartest people, so I know they’ll make it. I’m know I’ll pass, but I’m scared. The test is tommorrow. What if I die? But I won’t die. Well, I have to stop stressing and start studying.

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