December Challenge
“Cali! Time to go to the New Year’s Eve party!” my mother yelled at me from our kitchen.
“I’m coming for the millionth time!” I yelled back to my Mom, rolling my eyes, hoping that she would stop telling me it was time to go to the New Year’s Eve party.
“If you are going, then hurry up!”
“Okay, okay.”
I quickly looked through my closet in hopes that I would find something to wear to the New Year’s party so my Mom would just leave me alone. Finally, I found my watermelon shirt and my blue jeans and ran down the stairs of our house to tell my mom I was ready to go.
“Mom, I’m ready to go,” I said.
Mom didn’t respond for a second and then said, “Go change right now.”
“Why?” I asked, looking confused.
“A watermelon shirt doesn’t exactly scream New Year’s Eve to me,” Mom said to me, looking angry.
“I don’t think the invite said you have to wear something New Year’s themed.”
“Go change.”
I made my way back up to my room and took off pretty much everything I had on and changed into black pants and a white shirt with sequins on it.
Please let mom like this, I thought as I ran back downstairs to make sure Mom approved to this outfit.
Once I showed Mom the shirt and pants, she said sternly, “Let’s go.”
So, my Mom locked up our house, she got into her blue Toyota Corolla with me, and we drove to where the New Year’s Eve party was held.
A few minutes later, my Mom and I pulled up into the driveway. She and I got out of our car and walked to the front door of the house. Right before we opened the door and went inside, I said, “Are you sure that this is the right place? It looks kind of old and mysterious.”
Mom looked kind of confused about why I would ask if this was the right place, but soon said, “Didn’t you read the invite? It said that this was the place.”
“I didn’t read the invite, but it’s good to know that this is the right place,” I said, feeling ashamed of myself for not reading the invite thoroughly.
After standing on the front porch in silence for a few minutes, Mom and I went into the house. Mom started talking to Mr. and Mrs. “Whoever-It-Is” that invited us.
I ran over to where the three kids of the people who invited us were standing. Before I could say ‘hi’, all three of the kids said hello to me.
I was shocked that the kids said hello to me altogether as if they were a chorus. Instead of telling them that, I said, “Hi Anna. Hi Jim. Hi Pacifica. Wait? Aren’t y’all supposed to be in bed?”
“We are,” said Jim, “but Mom and Dad are letting us stay up until midnight because we are older now.”
“Okay. That makes sense,” I said, and the kids smiled.
After talking to some other invitees’ kids, I decided I wanted to eat. So, I went into the kitchen to get some food. All of a sudden the man who invited us was coming into the living room in a rush with some metal pans and hit me right on the forehead! I fell to the floor and blue and gray stripes started running around in my mind.
Even though I did not know where it came from, a voice said to me, “Cali, since it is New Year’s Eve, I have given you the power to go back in time. You may choose any day or place that something bad happened or that you didn’t like to use this power. However, do choose wisely because you only get this power once. If you decide not to use the power, the power will be given to somebody else.”
I thought about times and places I would like to go back to in time. I narrowed it down to two things: the sad day my Mom and Dad got divorced, and when our first house burnt down.
“Can you take me back to when my Mom and my Dad got divorced?” I asked the voice, thinking about a quote I had heard that said: “Everything that’s gone can be replaced.”
The voice was silent but then said, “You can’t go back to this time.”
“Why? But you said...” I asked the voice, wondering why it could not take me back to where I wanted to go.
The voice then replied to me with a mean tone, “I cannot take you back to that time because that time is engraved in history,”
“So, what you’re saying is that I can’t go back to any time or place during this present year since everything has already happened?” I asked the voice.
“Yup,” the voice responded. “But you can go back to the present by saying ‘I don’t want to change anything.’”
Okay, I thought, hoping that this was easy. I really didn’t understand, but I obeyed the voice.
“I don’t want to change anything that happened in this present year.”
Suddenly, I awoke on the floor with a team of paramedics all around me.
“Why are the paramedics here?” I asked.
“They’re here because you passed out or something on our floor. Miss Pacifica here was the first one to see you on the floor in the hallway to the kitchen and she ran to come tell me so I could tell Mom and Dad,” Anna said.
“Hmmm. I don’t remember doing that. I don’t remember passing out,” I said, smiling at Pacifica.
Everyone in the house stood silent for a few seconds. Finally, Pacifica, Jim, and Anna yelled, “Mom! It’s almost time! It’s almost New Years! Can we turn on the television to New Year’s Rockin’ Eve on ABC?”
“Sure kids,” said the woman who invited us. Anna, Jim, and Pacifica squabbled over turning on the television, but we made it just in the nick of time. The countdown to the ever popular ball drop in Times Square was just about to begin!
“10!” everybody said.
“Happy New Year!” everyone in the house yelled as Auld Lang Syne started playing on the television. All of the kids, including me, went to the kitchen to get pots and pans that we could bang together to make sure everybody in the house knew it was a brand new year with brand new hopes for the future.
I guess that if you get a strange voice in your head on New Year’s Eve saying that you can go back to any time or place in that year, you shouldn’t go back because God has made each day how it should be.
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