A Tale of Friendship
I’m Scared
Hey, I’m Emaline Gray, and I’m 12. And I’m scared. Really scared.
My 5-year-old brother, Danny has a disease. A terrible disease. You’d freak out if I told you its name.
The doctors say they’re trying their best
I don’t think so. They might be. But it’s not really working.
Poor Dan is weak and tired. He used to be so happy and playful, always running around. My dad used to call him ‘our energetic little tyke‘.
I used to be happy too, once.
I even had friends.
That was until Dan fell seriously ill.
I was too depressed to even talk to anybody at school.
That’s why my schoolmates avoid me nowadays. They whisper and giggle about me behind my back sometimes. It’s really not that that bad, but at a time like this, I need support.
It’s also kind of my fault, since I never communicate with anyone.
My best friend, Ashley French, left me.
That was her fault.
You know, I sometimes go to the hospital with Danny.
Not because I have a disease too. But because I’m so miserable these days. That’s why I have to make weekly visits to the doctor.
They don’t really help, though.
It was lunchtime when Emaline Gray had realised that she was not wanted.
“Hey, Em, if you’re gonna be this way, I have no other choice but to kick you out of the Springway Middle School’s Popular League. You have our permission to get lost and join the Untouchables right over there for lunch.”, Ashley sneered.
Emaline was no match for her.
Ashley had at least a dozen ‘cool kids’ backing her up, glaring at poor Em.
Em looked hurt. But Ashley kept adding insult to the injury.
“Emaline, darling, you can go join the Math Nerds, too! Ooh, and what about the Wimpy Noobs. Let’s see what they’re having. Eugh, are those plain mustard-cauliflower-and-tuna sandwiches?! Oh, you’ll love it there, Em!”, Ashley cackled, sarcastically. Her cronies doubled over with laughter.
Emaline felt her cheeks burn and eyes tear up as she picked up her salad and walked away.
And standing in front was Milla Hart.

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We Used To Be Friends - Ashley French POV

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