Falling for someone you don’t know...
A Horrible Day That Turns Into a Confusing Day
“What the freaking heck!!?!?!” I yelled as I got a text, and a surely horrible one it was.
So, you know that horrible face that’s like a cross between mad and furious and sad and confused? Ya, that was my facial expression right now, maybe more commonly known as when-your-boyfriend-breaks-up-with-you face. Yup. One of the most popular guys in 9th grade too. I probably should have seen that coming though. There are plenty of “way prettier”, popular people for him. But seriously, those girls put tons and tons of makeup on their faces, they start to look “fake-ish”, if you know what I mean.
So then, with angry tears beckoning, I decided to text my friend, Maxine, but she goes by Max.
Me: Oh my god, Max!!! Josh just dumped me!!! With a freaking text!!!
Max: That idiot jerk!!! I knew he was no good!!! You are too good for him anyways, Skye.
Me: Thanks Max. Bye! See ya tomorrow at school.
Max: K, bye!
Chat Closed
I wanted to cry, but it was stupid. With my thoughts swirling, I lay down on my bed. He probably only dated me because of my looks. I don’t get guys, they’re always wanting the gir-
“Ding!” I suddenly heard my phone go off, wondering who it was.
Steadford ###-###-####
Unknown: Hi there.
That was weird. And the neighboring town of mine. Huh. Curious of who it was, I hesitated on what to respond.
Me: Who is this?
Unknown: Depends on who’s asking?
Me: What does that mean, exactly?
Unknown: Can I have your name?
Me: Why should I tell you?
Unknown: You don’t have to if you don’t want to.
I know it was probably just common sense to block whoever this was but something kept me from it... Maybe it was because I just got dumped, or maybe I was just being stupid.
Me: Skye, now tell me yours. Unknown: Carson. Now, I’m guessing you are female?
Me: Yes, and you, a male?
Carson: Yes, are you in high school too?
Me: Yes, actually. That was a good guess. 9th grade, you?
Carson: Wow. Yes. This is more than I was expecting
Me: What do you mean, “expecting”?
Carson: Well, I guess that does sound weird. Well, I dunno.. I just wanted to meet someone nice and it turns out we’re in the same grade.
It almost seemed too good to be true, but my gut told me otherwise.
Me: Um, I gotta go, but we should chat later. Bye.
Chat Closed
I actually just did that. Wow,I thought to myself. Who was this guy anyways? I can’t believe I actually just did that. How stupid am I?! For all I know it could just be some creepy old person. But I still had that gut feeling. Half of me wanted to tell Max about all that had happened, but the other half wanted to keep it a secret.
After some thought, I decided to text Max and tell her to meet me at the pizza place in town tomorrow, with lots to tell he. Then off to bed I went, oblivious to of not putting on my pjs.
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