some short stories I wrote for fun
Short Stories
The Bullies
Becky and Mia rode their bikes home from school one day. Mia was the faster rider, and was ahead of Becky, her long blonde braid flowing behind her. “Wait up, Mia!” Becky called.
The girls had not been riding for very long before it started to rain. “Uh oh.” Said Mia. “I told my parents I’d be home before it rained.” She started to pedal quicker. “You’ll be okay if I go on ahead, right?” Becky nodded. “Okay. See you!”
“Bye!” Becky called, and waved after her friend. She pedaled as fast as she could, but still she wasn’t as fast as Mia.
“Hey you!” Becky stopped her bike and looked behind her. There were two boys, one tall and scrawny and the other the same size as Becky. “Who was that?” The taller one asked. “Who?”
“The girl that just rode away.” Said the other boy. “Oh. You mean Mia?” Becky asked. The boys nodded. “She’s a better rider than you.” Becky nodded. “I know.”
“You stink!” The taller boy threw an apple at her. Becky ducked just in time. She got back on her bike and started to pedal as fast as she could. The boys, also on bikes, chased after her.
They were faster riders than her, and soon caught up. Soon the taller boy was next to Becky. “Go away!” She yelled.
“Slow poke!” He pushed Becky off her bike and into a mud puddle. They laughed and rode into the distance.
Becky got up and wiped the mud from her face. Hot tears pricked her eyes, but she brushed them away. She got back onto her bike and rode home.
The next day, Becky was riding home again with Mia. She didn’t tell her about the boys. Mia was in the lead, as usual, and Becky right behind her. Dark clouds loomed overhead.
Mia glanced up at the sky nervously. “I gotta get home before it rains. Yesterday I got all wet.” She said. Becky nodded. “Okay. You go on ahead.” She replied.
“Okay, thanks. Bye!” Said Mia. She was gone in an instant.
Becky heard footsteps behind her and whipped around. The two boys were back. “You guys!” The boys grinned.
“Did you miss us?” The taller boy asked, throwing a rock at Becky. She swerved, and the rock hit the base of a tree.
The boys were laughing. “Go away or else!” Becky cried. “Or else what?” The other boy laughed.
Becky ran up and pushed him. He toppled over, fell on the taller boy, and the two fell to the ground. “Ha!” Becky turned and rode home.

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