Im so
When I was born
When I was born, everything was weird, first thing I saw was on orangey blackish face staring into my deep green eyes, looking at me with pure love...
A tiger. I’ve been living for them for twelve years, learning how to hunt and
how we eat and what we eat. I see a bird nestling in the branches of a spruce tree and immediately go into super sneaky stealth mode. I’ve never catched a bird before. I climb up the tree, making sure no one sees me, and swipe.
The bird squeals with fright, before falling of the branch. I slide down the trunk and pick the blackbird up. The feathers were streaked with blood, where the sharp rock had hit her. I rip of the feathers and see the meat. I ran back to our den. This would make a perfect meal for some tiger cubs! As soon as I see them I howl to them to let them know I’ve found food. They race towards me, like cheetahs having a 100m race. I tear off strips of meat and throw them for the tiger cubs to catch them in their mouths. I giggled This was fun! As soon as all the meat of the bird was finished, I told the tiger cubs and began to clean their fur, which was matted with dirt and mud. I settled down, thinking about how I got here. A few minutes later, I was fast asleep.
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