Book One In THe ELement Sister Chronicles
Meet The Element Princesses
Meet The Element Princesses!
Name: Princess Maria (Soon to be, Queen Maria)
Look: long, slightly wavy golden blonde hair, ice blue eyes, pale skin
Element: Ice and Snow
Nicknames: The Blizzard Queen, The Example, Ria
Likes: Books, Writing Books, Dresses and Pretty things, Winter, Snowdays, Her Family and Sisters, Dancing, Singing, Playing guitar
Name: Princess Juliette
Look: shoulder length, straight Auburn hair, pale skin that gives off a faint reddish glow, hazel eyes
Element: Heat and Fire
Nicknames: Blaze, Princess Juliette the Kind-Hearted, Jules, The Fire Princess
Likes: Horses, Summertime, Animals, Her sisters, Pizza, Her powers, Her Family, Her Sisters, Violin
Name: Alexandra
Look: long, shiny dark brown hair, eyes that reflect many colors, fair skin
Element: Color and Light, Prisms and Rainbows
Nicknames: Alex, Alexes
Likes: Fairies, Art, Sparkles, Pretty dresses, Copying her sisters, Sweets, Her Family, gymnastics, cello
Name: Athena
Look: short Dirty blond hair, light green eyes, tan skin
Element: Growth, Plants
Nicknames: Trouble Maker, The Goddess Of Growth, Green Thumb, Shy Eyes
Likes: Running around making trouble (at home), Wearing dress-up clothes, Sweets!, Sticking close to her sisters (away from home), Her sisters, viola
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