A Journy begins
Echo looked at the Small-Noses carefully. They stared back at her with their pretty coloured eyes. They were strange, and she had never understood them. She had observed them everyday since she had been allowed outside the ‘Small Space’. They’re noses were tiny, like their ears. Echo was one of the youngest of the Asian Elephants, but she was already quite big and strong, she was very friendly. Echo’s real name was Silent Echo, but that name was long gone. She hadn’t been called her real name for years.
Echo had a little sister named Crescent Moon. Crescent Moon was a little elephant, and she had strange black spots on her belly. Her father’s name was Broken Sky, an intimidating hunk of muscle. Echo’s Mother’s name was Greenest Grass. She was big and strong, but she had a kind heart. Greenest Grass was from the wild. She missed the wild and told amazing stories to Echo and Crescent Moon about it.
Echo lived in the ‘The Elephant Field’. The Elephant Field was a big space, and Echo’s favourite toy was a big tyre, which the Small-Ears sometimes fill with yummy watermelon! Echo’s favourite food was watermelon. Next to the elephant field were the Pandas. Echo was curious of the Pandas, as they were black and white, not grey. They sat around all day eating bamboo. On the other side were the lions. The lions were scary. Mother told Echo about how in the wild she was chased by a lion!
Mother had told Echo and Crescent Moon all about where the elephant spirits go. They go into the earth, among the rock and dirt. When an elephant dies, you must cover it in branches and dirt and rocks. This way it will safely find it’s way to the spirit world.
Echo wandered about, looking for something to do. She fumbled about a bit with the tyre as the small-noses called it. Crescent Moon stumbled up to her, tripping over her trunk. Echo shambled off sulkily. In the Elephant Field, there was no way to be alone. She slipped into the cool water, feeling it wash over her hot skin.
One of the small-noses came to the fence, and Echo splashed around excitedly, and the small-nose laughed and threw her some fruit. She scoffed it down greedily, and looked up for more, but the small-nose was walking to the other end of the Field. She thrusted her trunk on to the shore, and pulled herself out of the water.
Echo went to look at the panda, and it was sitting in a tree, eating. Nothing new here. Anyway, why didn’t the tree fall under the panda’s weight? It was all very confusing. She decided to go and see the lions. She cautiously padded up to the fence, and watched as the lion yawned and stretched, before stalking around the perimeter of it’s enclosure.
Echo couldn’t stand being bored.
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