Two sides will meet eventually
My life as Elle Daniels
“What do you think you are doing?” yelled Stephanie. I didn’t wake up I was in a whole different world... singing. “I said what do you think you doing? Is it possible that our vanilla lattes are coming because they cant get here themselves.” said Stephanie. Oh I forgot! I rushed out of the studio, but on my way I bumped into Kim. She is my bff. We both work together at spun records. Same with my Uncle Allen and Sensation. A popular band. In the band the is Stephanie, Nicky and Nic. “Where ya goin?” asked Kim. “Oh I forgot to get the vanilla lattes again. This time you are coming to the coffee shop with me! You totally have a crush on the coffee shop guy!” I said. “NO WAY!!!” said Kim,” But if you tell anyone that I have a crush on him, I will tell everyone that you parents died in a plane crash and that Sensation is your favourite band even though you are practically are their slaves!” I told her that I promised. I walked over to the coffee shop. When I got there Andy (Kim’s crush) making coffees like it is AUQUARD!!! Luckily Andy had the coffees ready. And an extra one for me! “That’s $12.00 please sorry new boss new prices but you can keep the money I will pay myself.” said Andy. “Oh and Kim says Hello.” I said. “Tell her all I want her to say is yes! Goodbye!” he said. “Bye” I said. When I got back Sensation was arguing about wanting to get someone fired. The usual girls! But my day was about to get a whole lot worse!

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Chapter 2

Trouble with sensation

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