The doll
“Daddy’s here!” Eloise screamed from the living room bay window.
She sprinted outside to go hug her father.
“There’s my little dollie!” daddy said as he picked Eloise up and put her on his back.
“Daddy, I don’t like dolls anymore, im a big girl!” said Eloise grinning.
“Are you sure? Not even..this one?” Daddy held out a box with a beautiful and pale doll that looked just like Eloise. Hair black, and short, With a dress that pretty much looks like Eloise’s favorite dress, but smaller.
“Maybe....my bed can fit one more doll.” Eloise said, trying to hide her smile.
“Great!” Daddy said “Now where’s that beautiful mother of yours?”
“She’s in the kitchen making my lunch.”
Eloise was admiring her doll, while Daddy was hugging Mommy.
Eloise ran upstairs to her room, and placed her doll on her stool with a cotton pillow.
She started brushing her dolls hair, carefully, starting by the roots, then went down to the ends.
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