The encyclopedia of emojis
Eye Heart You
Describing Section:
As you can see, down below, there is a picture of 2 heart eyes, with natural, closed lips.
Name Section:
This emoji is called ‘Eye Heart You’ for a reason
‘Eye Heart You’ , get it? The eyes have hearts on them, so instead of ‘I Love You’ it’s ‘Eye Heart You’.
Diet Section:
These species are very complicated. Emologists still have not uncovered their true identity. So, since we don’t exactly know them, yet, their diet is remained unknown.
Use Section:
Emologists have discovered ‘Eye Heart You’ useful to send to your friend, family member,etc.
Described as: 2 heart eyes, with natural, closed lips
Name: Eye Heart You
Diet: Unknown
Use: Use as to send to friend, family member, etc.
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