Employee: 1902 by TheSirGames

By serr
Employee: 1902
The story you’re going to read is about an employee called Stanley.
Stanley was a very ordinary employee.
He worked in an office, he copied paged and he drank coffee.
And that’s what he did every single day.
But one day Stanley felt very strange.
Stanley never felt that feeling ever before so he went to the local snack bar and ate some kung pao chicken because he thought he was hungry.
But he wasn’t hungry at all so he went to his office-mates and wanted to ask some other employees about this strange feeling he had felt before.
On the way to his mates he suddenly spotted something very unusual for a place like an office.
It was green and had weird eyes.
Of cause Stanley wanted to know what this strange thing was so he walked to it step after step.
After he had arrived at this strange creature he saw a name tag with the name: “Salad Fingers”.
Unfortunately Stanley had ADS and lost interest very quickly.
So he threw Salad Finger out of the office and killed him by accident.
But what was that ? Stanley wasn’t feeling any pity at all but instead he felt actually pretty good after he had killed Salad Fingers.
Now Stanley was concerned about himself and wanted to visit a psychologist after work.
But something told Stanley that he shouldn’t go to him.
It was that strange feeling again...
But suddenly Stanley realized that he still had do pay some taxes and that he hasn’t finished copying the 69 pages his boss told him to copy.
So he forgot about his feeling at the moment and started working on his tasks.
Stanley didn’t know what his boss looked like or who he even was but it didn’t matter as long as he still got a good salary.
After he had done all his work Stanley was very exhausted and needed a quick break at the employee well-being center right next to his boss’ room.
After Stanley’s arrival at the center he met his boss.
What a special moment for Stanley he could finally meet his boss.
But wait... it looked like his boss was Donald Trump.
Immediately Stanley knew what he had to do in this situation.
He had to kill Donald Trump before he could take over America and all their poor citizens.
But could he do that?
That would be against the law wouldn’t it?
Suddenly Stanley had an idea.
He had to kill Donald Trump in his office when nobody was there except of him and Trump
Oh no... it was already 11PM and Stanley was still in the office.
The the next day of work Stanley could finally put his plan into action.
But suddenly Stanley realized that he had forgotten his weapons at home.
It looked like Stanley had to make a new plan.
But his strange feeling wasn’t there anymore.
Without a plan and without this feeling Stanley couldn’t manage to handle the situation all on his own.
He needed a friend or a colleague but unfortunately Stanley didn’t have any friends.
What should he do now ?
Should he work like nothing has happened or should he try to work on a new plan ?
After a lot of thinking Stanley decided that it was better to work and stay calm.
At home Stanley thought about the things he has done the last few days:
“Ohh no what have I become? I was an ordinary employee before but now...
Now I am psychopath that wants to kill Donald Trump. But in some way I am also trying to save America right? Uhff this is so complicated... am I really doing the right thing ? Maybe I should just kill myself and drink the bleach.”
Stanley went through a lot of depression on that day.
But at that moment he knew what to do.
He had to kill Donald Trump.
Otherwise he would become president and would bring doom over America.
On November,1902 Stanley prepared everything to kill Donald Trump.
Everything went as it was expected.
Stanley walked to his boss’ room and killed Trump.
But suddenly Stanley did something unbelievable.
He took his knife and stabbed it right into his stomach.
Blood was draining out of his body and everything was filled with blood and organs.
The ambulance was called right after the deaths of him and Donald Trump but the medics couldn’t save them in time.
760 Words and 4092 characters were used in this story. :D
thx and have fun
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