Empty Pockets
My eyes flutter open. Johun sat next to me on my bed, as if he was waiting for me to wake up. When he notices me, he turns to face me.
“Finally! You’re awake...I’ve been awake for a whole hour waiting for you to get up because I was scared...” Johun rubbed his eyes.
I smiled at him and gave him a soft pat on the head.
“Welp, I’m up now. What’s wrong?” I asked.
Johun fiddled with his thumbs for a second.
“I-I had a nightmare...” Johun’s eyes watered a little.
“Want to sleep with me?” I scooted myself over and tapped my hand against the bed.
Johun nods slowly and he crawls in with me. He doesn’t take up much room because he’s only five, so it doesn’t bother me much.
I put the blanket over him, and he curls up right next to me. He then wraps his arms around me as tight as he could.
“Yhunn...” Johun looked up at me.
“Hm?” I put my arm around his shoulder.
“Do you think mommy and daddy will find us?” His bright blue eyes were covered with fear.
“No, they won’t. We’re far away from them.” I said, letting my hand graze over his soft blonde hair.
He smiled, and he scooted closer to me.
“I hope it stays like that. I like living here, big sister.” Johun said, as his eyes slowly began to close.
“I do too.” I reply.
Even though I really don’t. Even if it means a chance away from my parents, it does not mean it’s easy. It’s easier than at home because we don’t get abused, but it’s hard here because working while having school and no transportation is a pain. Being on time is crucial, and it means leaving Johun home by himself sometimes. But it’s worth it.
No one believed us back home about our parents, so we ran away. Made fake identities, started over here.
For Johun’s age, it may be somewhat thrilling and scary at the same time.
For people my age, it’s a risky path through Hell itself. You’re the one in charge, and one wrong step will cost you and anyone that follows.
I don’t want that wrong step to be a trip back home.
Johun falls asleep next to me, making those thoughts disappear. I sigh, and I decide to fall asleep as well.
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