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Shadow’s in the Forest
Birds sing cheerily as Emma skips through the trees. Artemis, Emma’s fox, trots beside her. They stop at the edge of a stream that runs through the forest. Emma dips her hands into the cold water and splashes her face. Artemis hops around and tries to catch the little fish that dart in all directions. A deer leaps across the stream and stops to admire Emma’s long golden hair and bright green eyes. She looks up at the deer and smiles. She fills a pail with water and she and Artemis make their way to the treehouse.
A girl in a long black cloak sits on a moss covered rock near the stream. Her name is Shadow. She waits patiently as a fish swims by then throws her spear and hits the target. She pulls the spear out of the water and examines the fish. Her wolf takes the trout off of the spear and Shadow ties it in with the rest of the days catch. The wolf stands and follows her through the trees. She ruffles her black fur and stretches her legs. Shadow pulls the hood of her cloak over her face. Together, they head out of the mist and towards a new part of the forest.
Emma and Artemis finish their dinner of fish and a salad from the garden. The fox curls up in Emma’s lap and they watch the sunset. Once the sun has disappeared beneath the trees, they climb into the treehouse and fall asleep.
Shadow and her wolf, Calypso, lay under a gnarled tree. An owl lands on a branch above them. It’s hoots echo through the trees and the call of swans splinters the darkness. Shadow closes her eyes tight and pulls Calypso closer. Calypso covers her nose with her tail and wills sleep to come.

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