for the February challenge
Enemies! & Friends?
Working Together???????? No Way
Grrrrrrrrr........ That boy makes me so mad!!!!!!!!!!!!
“I SAID LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!!!” I shouted
“No way am I listening to you...!!!!” He said with a laugh
Pause Hi I’m Alana I’m 16 and Chad there is my worst enemy He is in my house and he won’t leave me alone
UnPause/Back To Reality
I kick Chad out of my house, and slam the door right at his face.
Pause Again
Alana: White hair with a bit of blue, wearing a dark and light blue shirt with a white skirt and boots.
Pic of Alana
Chad: very light blonde hair, wearing a white shirt with dark green pants
Pic of Chad
UnPause/Back To Realit-You Know the drill
3 weeks later
2:00 in the morning I hear a loud
I went downstairs to see what it was.....
When I got downstairs I saw nothing,
I checked the upstairs word empty, but I found a note saying. Come to house 55 on Gumball Lane in 3 days or else you will be in trouble think I know what the person is talking about..MY FAMILY!!!!
Suddenly I heard a knock on the door....
slowly I walked over to the door with my Magic staff in hand, then opened wouldn’t believe who it was.. CHAD!!!!!!! Grrrrrrrrr....! “What do you want I have something important to do” I said harshly “um I got a note saying ‘Come to house 55 on Gumball Lane in 3 days or else you will be in trouble’” he said “and my family’s missing”
“Same here....” I said sadly
Hm maybe we could work way.. “uh Chad could me maybe work together this once to find our families??........” I asked “um I guess just this once. Deal?” He said “deal!” I smiled “let’s get going” he said
I never smile when Chad’s here... weird....never mind TIME TO FIND OUR FAMILY
We finally found Gumball Lane and went to house 55........ Chad slowly opens the door.. to find nothing inside but..... ANOTHER NOTE??? IS THIS A TREASURE HUNT OR SOMETHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It said
Haha.... you came do you really think I am going to make this easy?? We’ll meet me at Crossed Street on October 1st.... at 2:00pm
Hm.......... That’s tomorrow. I gathered my magic staff and bow
And Chad has his powerful sword and bow
October 1st
Me and a Chad headed to Crossed Street
We saw a man there with a black coat “so... you came.........follow me” the man said in whispers. We followed him to a broken old house near the forest.... MY FAMILY THEIR THERE!!!!!!!!!!!! Just then the man took out a sword that shined “Now I will make a deal with you... if you defeat I will give you back your families and if I defeat you..... your gone” he said “fine....” I said
The battle begins
Chad try’s to cut him with his sword but the man was too quick
Luckily I had my phone I quickly called the police.. then started to fight. I used my staff and tried to choke the man... it worked but after a few seconds he got out of my grip. Then strikes his sword right at me.... But I had a protection spell I learned in school as fast as I could I used my magic, then Chad shot his bow right at the man and he had fallen.. and fainted
Just then I heard a noise. THE POLICE!!!! They took the man away and cut the rope to free my family and Chad’s. We were all so happy!!!!!
5 weeks later
Me and Chad actually became friends..
That’s a miracle........
At least I still get to tease him some times.
My First Challenge Book ~StarMusical
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