Episode 1: Part 1
I was trapped in a space full of nothing but darkness. I couldn’t see anything around me. I couldn’t even see my own hands... That is if I could move them at all. I couldn’t move my body, It was like this weight that was on top of me. All I can do is just lay there...Calm... Floating in this dark open space. I didn’t know why... Why I couldn’t just stay there forever. Why I couldn’t just rest for the rest of my life like this. Suddenly, I woke up. After what felt like weeks I’ve been trapped in a dark cold universe with no planets or stars, I’ve awoken. Once I did, I felt like my own energy come back to my body, and once it did, I felt all of my human senses come back as well. First, I felt pain rushing throw my feet all the way up to my arms. I gasped and I felt dust scratching my throat. I looked around me and saw nothing but darkness, but it wasn’t anything like the darkness I was in before, I could actually see my body. I felt the cold, hard ground on my back and I then decided I should stand up... But once I did the pain grew worse and all I did is just sit
I looked around again, and this time I could see other things. I could see these huge rocks or sacks laying on the ground. There was one laying next to me, and when I came in closer to look... It was a body. I quickly got up from the fright and accidently hit my back against this concrete wall. I traced my fingers on the wall and looked around once again, and for some reason it was like I could see everything without squinting. I’m in a small room with six bodies that are all laid on the floor. I have no idea if their corpses, or people I could even recognize. I looked to my left and saw a door filled with these huge concrete rocks. I immediately started to walk up to it despite of this sore feeling I feel in every part of my body. I grabbed one rock and threw it on the ground. Then I began to move all of the rocks that were blocking the door. I could hear the loud “pop” noise, the rocks made when the hit the ground, echo in this small room. Dust was coming out too, making me cough as I still continued. Then a ray of light started to burst into the room, along with a mysterious wave of heat.
I became desperate to remove the rocks, so desperate that I accidently cut myself. I pushed one rock out and the ray of light became bigger. I kept pushing and removing until the light suddenly filled the whole room. I was blocking the sun with my hand and felt the heat rushing in all over my body. I looked behind me and saw the bodies on the ground again... Only to realize... I knew some of them. My eyes became wide when I saw... Jade. In panic, I quickly ran to her.
“Jade, JADE! Wake up. Jade?!”
I checked her pulse, and her heart was beating slowly. I dragged her by her armpits and slid her up to the door. She was heavy so I put her down while I rest then I looked at the bodies again. I saw... Travis, then Marahyia,... Ian,... And then there was this one guy... He looked older than all of us. He had a police badge, and a walkie-talkie placed on his belt. I came up to him and leaned down to reach the walkie-talkie. I looked at him for a second and saw his face. For some reason... He looked a little young... like he was in his mid twenties. I looked down afterwards then, suddenly, he quickly got up and put his hand on my throat. He started squeezing so hard I could feel his nails digging on my skin. I coughed and gaged, my lungs in need of air, I cried “Let...Go!”
I saw this type anger in his eyes... More like panic. But after five seconds, he quickly let go and became calm. I began to cough, as the air came filling in my lungs.
I almost threw up until in that moment he said “Steven?”
I looked up at him. “W-What?”
He squinted at me then repeated: “Steven?”
“How did you know my—?”
“Steven, Steven its me.” he quickly interrupted while he reached out his hand to touch my shoulder.
I moved away and looked at his hand, then at him.
“Steven, its me... Its Dylan.”
When he told me his name... A memory flashed in my head. Dylan, he’s a police officer. I remembered he was here to protect us from something awful. But I couldn’t remember what It was... Or what “here” is either.
I shifted my eyes to whats behind him and saw the rest of the bodies. “Oh my god, Dylan” I said “Where are we?”.
“I dont know...” Dylan said while trying to get up “But we need to get out of here.”.
Dylan walked passed me, while I got up quickly behind him.
“Hey! We can just leave them.” I said
Dylan turned around and said “Oh, right.”
I walked towards Travis’s body. A memory came flashing in my mind again. I remembered the time were I was at our school, and I was at a gynasuim with my mom. We both were sitting at the bleachers. We were like in this parent-teacher conference, judging by the amount of parents sitting behind us with their kids. Then I saw Travis open the gymnasium’s entrance door to my right. Travis looked at me and smiled. I waved at him. Seconds later, his mom appeared. His mom held hands with two girls to her right and left. I assumed that they might be Travis’s sisters. I never knew he even had siblings. Then came along his dad. Travis’s dad look almost identical to him. They both had glasses, both had the same brown eyes, same face features, same ears... But his dad was taller then him, and didn’t have Travis’s blond hair, heck, he didn’t even had hair.
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