Escaping Reality
There’s something special about writing.
When writing, you create a character. A character that resembles you, but is still so much different. A person that you’ve always wanted to be but never could. A person who’s courageous, kind. Determined and unafraid. Loved and admired by all. Feared by all evil and cherished by all good. A character who’s perfection you can only dream of.
When writing, you create a place. A place so perfect that it cannot physically exist. It can only exist in your mind, in your words. A place where there are no insecurities. A place where you don’t have to be afraid. A place where you can truly express yourself, without being judged or hated. A place with only peace. A place with justice and liberty. A place that you can only create with your words. A place that you can travel to when your heart needs to feel, when your mind needs to rest. A place with no resemblance of reality at all. A place where you can explore and venture and be. No restrictions. No hesitation. No fear.
When writing, you create an adventure. An adventure that you’re too scared to embrace in reality. An adventure where you move away from all you’ve ever known and tackle life with a newfound perspective and motive. An adventure where you find a friend you’ve never had before, a friend who actually cares and actually invests their time into you, instead if demanding you give them all of yours. A friend who only had your best interest at heart, who would never dream of hurting you in anyway. An adventure that you can accept when your heart is heavy and you need to escape. When your mind runs wild, riddled with insecurity and doubt. When you’re left in the dirt, pressed face down into the mud of success, something you could never quite reach. When you’re left alone and forgotten. Then you take on your imaginary adventure. You leave reality behind and sprout golden wings, wings that will take you to places you’ve always been too scared to visit on your own.
But you’re not on your own anymore.
You have your characters, full of aspiration and hope. You have that place, where you can live without fear of pain and rejection. You have that adventure, full of chance and unknown treasures, treasures just beckoning you to discover.
You have a whole different world, separate from the broken one you’ve always known, reminding you that you can do it. You can make it. You can survive.
And you will.
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