A short letter sent across the universe
February Challenge 2018
Dear Mother and Father,
As you predicted, I have been evacuated from the planet Xymertonia. Over two thousand people are squashed into this spacecraft, as the Intergalactic Government didn’t have lots spare. I know you paid a fortune for me to go on this space camp, but unfortunately its only halfway through the week, and we have already been evacuated. I can’t believe they let thirty teenagers come onto such a dangerous planet for a mere camp.
Apparently there were some terrorist attacks and threats of atomic bombs, so that is why we all have to leave. Whatever it is, it sounds like it was a problem even before we arrived, only now the Government think that the issue is more severe.
Not only are all us campers aboard this, but there are whole families from Xymertonia who are having to leave their homes forever. I couldn’t imagine having to leave Earth; its been my home all my life! To make it even worse, because of the lack of room on this spacecraft, the people who are having to leave their homes on Xymertonia can’t even take many bags with them. How awful would that be?
In the seat next to me, their is a young mother with a baby who has been talking to me most of this journey. The mother’s only a few years older than me, but she’s had to cope with the most dreadful things in this last week. There was an acid attack (where they use explosive bombs made of acid) where her husband works, and sadly he didn’t make it out of the building in time. I’m glad that they don’t use those on Earth!
After a lot of careful thinking done by the Government, they decided that we are getting evacuated to Earth. That saves you a job from having to pick me up from the Inter-Galactic Airport! Lot’s of the families getting evacuated are really nervous about going onto Earth for the first time.
Did I tell you about the food rations? Per day, every person on this spacecraft gets: five thin crackers, two dried out biscuits, one or two cans of a random tinned food (you can swap if you don’t like yours), two muesli bars, sometimes a thin slice of bread or an extra muesli bar, and a small bowl of vegetable soup. That’s all you get. That’s all that they can provide. This makes me really miss your home cooking.
Everything is all kind of creepy here aboard this evacuation spacecraft. I don’t know why: it just is. Maybe it’s because the pain of the attacks is still raw, and nobody is quite ready to face the fact that life as they know it may be over. It’s a shame that Xymertonia has now been deemed “unsafe for citizens”, as it was actually a rather beautiful planet, and I was considering coming back when I’m older for a holiday. Oh well, I guess there will be other planets that are nice too.
The space hostess says that we are probably only four or five days away from Earth. Four or five more days of small rations and crammed spaces. How fun. At least I can be thankful that I have a seat near the window in this spacecraft. The views are incredible; I can’t explain them with words. A man near me occasionally points out certain stars or planets that are of great importance. This is very interesting, as I knew barely anything about this aspect of the universe, but now I feel very well informed.
I miss you. I really do. I hope that this message reaches you safe and sound. I love you Mother and Father.
From your daughter,
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