When Games Come To Life, They have a sense of...
Main Characters
Vent - brown matted down hair, green eyes (that shine in the moonlight), blue jacket, khaki pants, black school shoes.
Hobbies: Games, Youtube, friends, and his computer.
Opal - naturally violet flower colored hair down to the waist, multicolored eyes (that also change color on everything she wears and her hair color), booty shorts, multicolored T-shirt, multicolored shoes/slippers/etc.
Hobbies: Games, fashion, friends, and game books.
Elise - long orange hair down to her bottom, golden eyes, orange T-shirt with a tan cat in the middle, gray shorts, orange tenni-shoes.
Hobbies: Games, helping people, mysteries, and ‘new and improved games’.
Game Characters
This game character is a quirky one. She is overconfident, beautiful, and very cute. She can be hardheaded at times, but when it comes to a battle, she will overcome all enemies. She doesn’t hate anything except for losing and her enemies. Her weapons consist of a lance, dual tech blasters, and a knuckleduster. Her lance is called Tyr, her dual tech blasters, Phosphorus, and her knuckleduster, Quicksilver.
She has Iruya looking things on her red (and on the tips orange) twintails, keeping them together. She has black gloves on and a gold bracelet over it that slides down to transform into Quicksilver. Her Iruya’s transform into Phosphorus and all she has to do to summon Tyr is using an object that’s near her. She is featured in the game Zeta Core 5.
This game character is a serious one. She hates dumb people and, actually, loves cute kittens. She’s a paladin that was in The War of Taurus, which decided if the evil king, Taurus, would stay as king. She turned against him and was dubbed as a hero. Her weapons consist of a wand, rapier, and magic gloves. Her wand is called Athena, her rapier, Taurus, and her magic gloves, Pheonix.
She has long, red hair all the way down to her waist, golden knight clothes, and celestial blue eyes. Moonlight makes her stronger and makes her weapons stronger as well. She summons Athena from objects near her, the moonlight, or she just uses a weaker version of it. She doesn’t have to summon Taurus because it’s just mounted by her waist. If there aren’t any available sources of sunlight or an energy source near her, she cannot use it. When she uses Pheonix, all of her golden armor turn into a sailor uniform, because of the user, and the gloves are wrapped around her hands. There are no laws stopping her from using Pheonix. She is featured in Knight’s Desire 2.
This game character is a quiet one. She is very easy to embarrass, always has a straight face, and is best friends with Yosha and Furu. She loves quiet places so she barely ever talks to them unless it’s during a battle. Her favorite place to be is in the library, reading books, and doing the right thing without taking credit for it. She hates grapes, celery, and has a hate for irresponsible people. Her extremely weird set of weapons consist of her bow called Perseus, a yo-yo, ‘Bounce’, and a bubblegum pack, ‘Popper’.
She has long, straight black hair that curves towards her near the ends, black and pink long sleeve shirt, black and a pink striped shorts, and black shoes. The only rules for her is weapons are that her weapons need to be used in certain temperatures. Perseus has a range of 0-35 degrees Fahrenheit, ‘Popper’ has a range of 10-50 degrees Fahrenheit, and ‘Bounce’ has a range of 30-100 degrees Fahrenheit. The bigger the gap is between the numbers, the weaker the weapon is.
I’m going to go ahead and say this right at the beginning of the story. YOU, the readers, are going to determine what the ending will reveal. There are no redoes, there are no rewinds. Whatever happens, you readers have decided. So I might ask a random question in the book and you answer by saying what you want to happen. Later in the story, you’ll see what I mean. Anyways, thanks for reading my book and I hope you love it!
- Yvens
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