Alexander went riding on his horse Gapua into the mountains. He had no where else to go. He couldn’t stop thinking about what happened earlier in the day. Hiram who ruled the country of Hiorania wanted to kill Alexander. It all started about 3 years earlier.
Alexander was tending his fathers sheep. He turned and saw a lion charging towards him. He ran, trying to find someone with a sword. He turned and he saw the lion attack the sheep. Alexander made a promise to his father that he would never let a sheep be harmed. He didn’t intend to break his promise now! He charged at the lion and single handedly killed it. Then his father came rushing towards him.
“Are you okay?” His father asked.
“I’m fine.” Alexander replied.
This wasn’t the first time something came charging towards him. About a week earlier, one of the giants boars got loose into his field! He killed it as well.
All his brothers were rushing towards him. Behind them there was a man. A man that he had not seen before. He was wearing grey. There was a leather bag around his shoulder. He looked like he was 50 or 60.
“This is him.” said Alexanders older brother Torinan. “This is the special one you were talking about.”
Special one? He thought. What were they talking about?
“Yes.” The man said. “This is the one.”
He opened his leather bag. He took out a bottle of oil and said,
“ I am Lockus and I’m here to tell you that Alexander son of Autono, son of Aotof will rule Hiorania when Hiram dies for he is not fit to rule.”
Then Lokus poured the oil on his head.
Alexander couldn’t believe it. He was going to be king!
About a week later, Alexander was sent to the battle field to give his brothers food. As he was approaching his eldest brother Denvor, He heard a voice like thunder. He turned and saw this gigantic red dragon! The ogre pack didn’t usually use dragons. in fact, this was the first time Alexander ever saw one! He went up to the nearest soldier and asked,
“Excuse me sir, who is that dragon who keeps on taunting our men?”
“That is Goliathus, the dragon. No Elf, Dwarf or man can ever defeat him. He has slaughtered many of our men.” The soldier named Huckus explained.
“What are you doing here?” asked Denvor. “Aren’t you supposed to be watching fathers sheep?”
“I have come to give you bread that our servant Margret has made. I was just asking someone about the giant.”
“You came here to learn I see. Just because some old guy came to tell you that you were going to be king doesn’t mean that it’ll actually happen. Now go home and take care of fathers sheep!”
Just then a voice like thunder roared over the battlefield.
“SEND SOMEBODY TO FIGHT ME!” the voice boomed.
“This dragon has no right to taunt us. I will fight him.”
“Don’t be a fool! He will kill you and then he will kill us!” Replied Denvor.
“Where is Hiram? I wish to speak to him.” Alexander said ignoring his brother.
“He is in his tent, west of here.” replied the soldier named Kopiarus.
Alexander went from there to Hirams tent.
“My lord, there is someone here who wishes to speak to you.” Said Kopiarus.
“Send him in.” replied Hiram.
Alexander stepped in. The tent was rather small with a chair, no, a throne with a carpet of moose skin and swords and shields all over.
“Who are you and what do you want!” said Hiram who was rather annoyed. “I don’t have all day!”
“Sir, I wish to fight the dragon.”
Hiram just sat there. He didn’t know what to say. This young boy who was only 16 or 17 wanted to fight the dragon who slaughtered thousands!
“Boy, you are too small to fight a dragon. no one will slay him. Not now! Not ever!”
“If you speak like that you won’t. Someone has to do it. And that someone is me.” Alexander replied. He was not afraid of Hiram though most people were.
“You speak with courage. Anidock! Get this boy armour, a sword and a shield for he will need them.”
The soldier did what he was told.
“I must warn you my boy that the dragon will breath fire on you. Be careful and good luck.”
Alexander tried on the armour. Too big. He thought. I don’t need all this armour anyway. He left the armoury tent and went to the nearest brook. I know. I’ll use my sling father gave to me on my birthday. He approached the dragon.
Just then Alexander swung his sling around. Then he let the rock fly free. The rock hit the dragons chest. The dragon was burned there. The dragon cried out one last time. Then it crashes into an ogre camp killing thousands of them.
“HE DID IT! HE KILLED HIM!” the people cheered. They hoisted Alexander onto their shoulders. His brothers looked so jealous.
Alexander was invited to the kings palace the fallowing week. He met with Hiram’s son Jonathan.
“I’m honored to be a friend of the one who slayed Goliathus.” he said.
“And I’m honored to be a friend of yours.” replied Alexander.
The boy’s friendship grew over the next weeks. Alexander actually moved into the palace for a time. He became popular. Even more popular than Hiram himself. This made Hiram angry. Very angry.
One day Alexander was playing the harp for Hiram to soothe him. He had gone mad and was ill. In the middle of the song, Hiram flung a spear at Alexander. He threw it above his head. I missed, he thought.
“I’m sorry Alexander. I don’t know what came over me. Please forgive me.” the king pleaded.”
“I except your apology.” replied Alexander.
Then Alexander left the room to give Hiram some peace.
Over the weeks that followed, Alexander met Hiram’s daughter, Aleal. He adventually married her. Hiram was at the point where he hated Alexander. He sent guards to Aleal’s chamber to kill him. Jonathan and Aleal helped him escape. When Hiram found out he was furious. He sent 300 men to find Alexander and kill him. That is where he is now. In exile.
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