Trust me, this is really weird. Actually, you probably shouldn’t trust me
Extreme Confuzzlement
Silverspeck In A Nutshell
Okay, fine! I’ll admit, I had cookies galore.
Maybe five hundred.. but I still need more!
I don’t think anything will satisfy my cravings.
I need more! I need it all! Forget about saving.
The sugar is not getting to my brain!
HEHEHEHE! I’m not insane!
Why is everyone convinced that I’m crazy?
Sugar! Sugar! Okay, fine, maybe!
I’m running around and bouncing off walls,
Laughing demonically, ignoring calls
As people try to shake me out of this trance.
Five minutes ago, they would have had a chance.
But while everyone was looking away,
I went off.. and bought seventy-eight.
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