I was Winter. All I needed was a Summer.
Platinum blonde hair. Black, inescapable eyes. Shocking purple lips. I was the definition of winter. No one had ever seen me not wearing a long, fluffy coat. My thick, white bangs shielded my dark, arched eyebrows that forever seemed like they were judging you. I’m very tall and very wiry. I was always told I could definitely be a model, but the thought of being somewhere where everyone could see you... no way.
They call me frost, everywhere I go. In the hallways, in class and on the streets.
Winter Fullman is my real name, and as time has passed, I’ve become just as cold as it.
Then there was Leo. Warm, golden hair that sunlight willingly bounced off of. Sky blue eyes, just like a cloudless afternoon. He was my summer. He was what I needed to keep warm. Anytime anyone was around him, they’d come back feeling brighter. He was the only thing that kept me going, yet he’d never noticed me. His tanned strong arm had only once brushed against my pale, thin one. Yet he had a girlfriend and they were oh so happy together.
That broke my unimaginably frozen heart.
Our autumn was a guy called Reed. As expected, he had ginger, long hair that he let roam free. His eyes were a mixture of green, brown and auburn. Hazel. Small, red freckles dotted his face and he had a lopsided grin. He was into art and loved to draw anything and everything. He was always wearing a hoodie and a pair of grey ripped jeans, as well as carrying a backpack that was never shut. Reed was cool, but he wasn’t warm enough for me.
Finally, spring. Spring was a girl and she was my least favourite person ever. She was always way too chirpy, way too loud and way too excited. Her brilliant brown eyes were always too enticing and honey hair fell down to her ribs. You see, everyone associates spring as a happy, beautiful season that grows flowers and transitions into summer. But, you see, everyone is wrong. I know that spring can be unpredictable. You think it’ll be sunny and suddenly there’s a huge storm. Spring’s got everyone fooled. Except me.
Everyone thinks spring and summer go hand in hand and I guess they’re right. Spring is Lucy. Spring is Leo’s girlfriend.
So those are the seasons. Those are the main characters of my story. Me, Leo, Reed and Lucy. Winter, Summer, Autumn and Spring.
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