secrets can only hold me down for so long
Wolf’s Stare
The laptop screen lit up as Audrey Sullivan typed in the password. One new e-mail The loud ding of the notification made her cringe. Audrey slammed down on the volume button in fear she woke someone. She moved the cursor towards the mail icon and clicked on it. Goodnight Audrey! I’m sorry I couldn’t get to see you tonight. My shift at the hospital lasted longer than expected. Love you. -Mama She scanned the screen and closed out of the e-mail, realizing it was nothing important. There was a loud boom and she heard crash Audrey whipped around in her chair, fearful of what that loud sound could have been.
Quietly, she shut the laptop and grabbed a flashlight. The door slowly creaked open and Audrey looked around the bare hall. There was another crash. She gripped the flashlight tighter than before and ran down the hall in fear. “Mama!” Came a scream. There was a ruffling of the carpet from afar and feet thumped down the hall. Audrey ran to the edge of the railing and looked over. She saw a blinding light from her four year old sister, Janie’s room, signifying that she might be awake. With a breath of relief, Audrey creeped down the stairs.
The floorboards creaked underneath her cold feet as the light coming from Janie’s small bedroom shone brighter than before. There was one last scream and something banged closed. Audrey ran up the stairs, cowering in fear. She watched as her mother ran into Janie’s bedroom with a loud scream. Audrey cringed once more at the loud noise. She watched her father run into the room. “Call 911.” Came a sudden voice. Audrey felt tears running down her face and attempted to hide them by wiping her eyes on her sweatshirt. She buried her head in her hands and sobbed, her body leaned against the railing of the balcony, which faced the horrible murmurs coming from Janie’s bedroom.
Moments later, Audrey heard light footsteps creeping up the stairs. “Mama?” She whispered, tears streaking down her face. Audrey felt warm hands wrap around her. “It’s alright. Everything is okay.” Her mother soothed. Audrey nodded with a slight feeling it wasn’t. “Look at me Audrey. We need to leave the house. Please go pack your things. Not everything, just the things you need.” her mother explained. Audrey nodded in fear, realizing her mom was crying too. “I’ll come with you.” She said, helping Audrey up. The room that was once light blue now looked dark and barren, since most of her things were gone.
“Come on.” her mother whispered. She took Audrey’s hand as she picked up the overloaded bag of all her things. The stairs creaked louder and louder each time like the thumping booms coming from the small room earlier. “Tim, we’re going okay.” her mother said shakily. “Alright be safe loves.” Came her father’s voice. Audrey grasped her mother’s hand and cried. “Where’s Janie?” She sniffed.
“She’s with your dad.” Her mother lied quickly. Audrey took the bait, nodding her head in an understanding way. Her mother grabbed Audrey’s hand quickly and she forced them both out the door in an unusual hurry. The black car beeped as it turned on. Her mother shoved Audrey’s large bag into the truck and handed her daughter a pillow and blanket. “It’s going to be a while, so try to get some sleep.” Her mother said opening the car door. Audrey climbed in, laying down on the back seat. The last things she saw was the scattered glass and broken window of her sister’s room.
The sun shined in the window of the car as it moved through the field. “Good morning Mama.” Audrey murmured as she sat up. Her mother kept her eyes focused on the road and said, “We’re visiting your Aunt Jade, Parker and Matt.” “Mama, when will we be there?” Audrey asked, realizing that one, her sister was not coming, and two, they might have actually been driving all night. “Soon. About twenty minutes and the most.” Her mother told her. Audrey nodded and asked,
“Where’s Janie?” Her mother cringed and Audrey began to have that same sickening feeling that she did last night. “She and your dad are going is um..” She paused. “Where?” Audrey asked. “Never you mind that.” Her mother scolded. “It’s your father and I’s business that you have no right to intrude on.” She scolded. “Sorry Mama.” Audrey murmured, holding her head to face the floor of the car. “Your only ten. It’s okay to be curious.” Her mother sighed. Audrey nodded, feeling that same overwhelming feeling she had back at the house earlier that night.
It was a while later before arriving at her Aunt’s house. It was in Los Angles, but farther from the buzz of the city. “Here you go.” Her mother said quietly handing Audrey her bag. Audrey walked around the car and grabbed it. She looked around the area, missing her own home, even if she loved visiting her aunt. “Audrey?” Her mother asked as Audrey turned around. “Please be good. We might be here a while.” Audrey nodded, with tears in her eyes.
They both trudged up the hill, leading toward the house. Audrey held her head low as she watched her tears fall onto the fall leaves. Ding Dong Went the doorbell as her mother rang it. “Marissa!” Cried Aunt Jade. “What a surprise!” They hugged and Audrey walked inside. “There’s my little pumpkin!” Jade smiled, pulling Audrey into a tight squeeze. Audrey hung her head low, and strained herself not to cry. She was scared. She didn’t know what was going on. She didn’t know what was happening or where her sister was. “Audrey you can go up to the guest room to the right.” Jade said.
Audrey nodded and climbed the stairs toward her room. It was a light yellow color with a bay window and large bed. The bed was covered in baby blue pillows and sheets. Audrey sighed dropping her bag. She took in the surroundings and flopped onto the bed. The sunlight hit her face as the sounds of singing birds began to drown out her thoughts. Even the birds couldn’t stop me from wanted to know what happened last night.
Everything hurt now. Audrey sat up and looked out the window. She curled up between the pillows resting on the bay window and looked into the forest. There was something staring at her. Audrey began to worry and looked around the room. It was getting darker and she felt like she was being enclosed. The clouds in the sky built up and look as if they were trying to overthrow the sun. It was dark. Very dark. Audrey whipped her head around to face the forest again, the eyes of a large wolf meeting hers.
She looked at it in fear, resisting the sudden urge to break out the window and attack it so she wouldn’t be threatened with the fear of it watching her in her sleep. She turned away and began to leave the room when its loud howls pierced her ears. The glass shattered leaving the window in a sharp mess of shards. “Mama!” Came a scream. “Be quiet if you want to live.” Came a low and scratchy voice. “Mama!” The girl screamed. “Silence!” There came a scream of pain and the last of the glass in the window was broken by a strong force. There was no sound. “Janie?”
Audrey looked at her reflection in the mirror on the wall. She had never seen that before. Janie was kidnapped? Her voice questioned.
“Mama?” Audrey asked at dinner. “Yes?” Her mother replied, Jade giving her a look of intensity. “What happened last night?” There was a moment of unsettling silence. “Curious child!” Jade exclaimed. Audrey looked to her. Her attention turned to the boys who were walking down the stairs. “Hi Audrey!” exclaimed three year old Parker. He ran over and hugged her leg. Audrey smiled a little, but went back to her own state of curiosity. “Matt you remember Audrey. She came and visited with her sister when we all went to visit you great-grandmother - may she rest in peace.” Jade told the twelve year old boy with shaggy brown hair.
Matt scoffed and took his seat at the table; Audrey didn’t understand why he chose the farthest from seat from hers. Jade got up. She quickly looked around for Parker and when the small boy was found she picked him up and set him in the chair.” “Can you please tell me?” I asked once everything had settled in again. Her mother looked uneasy. “Audrey!” Matt broke in. Jade sighed. “I just want you to know that during your stay here, me and my family just want to make you very welcome - not!” Matt laughed hysterically and Audrey stared blankly. “Matthew!” Jade exclaimed with anger. “You will welcome Aunt Marissa and Audrey or you won’t be in this house at all.” Jade scolded. “What ab-about Uncle Tim-Tim and Janie?” Parker stuttered.
“They’ll be here soon.” Audrey’s mother told them. Audrey glared at her. “Mama you taught me never to lie.” Audrey said. “And?” Her mother asked. “You’re lying.” Audrey said with fear. “Something happened to Janie last night.” Audrey continued. “What do you mean?” Jade asked with a look of uncertainty. “Don’t give her that look! You know too!” Audrey yelled at Jade. She was half-crying. “I’m scared. I’m confused. I don’t know what’s happening.” Audrey sobbed.
“Why don’t you go to your room.” Her mother sighed. Audrey nodded, wiping a tear away. She walked up the stairs and walked into the dark room. She flipped the light switch on and jumped in terror as the wolf stared at her like he was once before. He can’t hurt you. He can’t. Audrey thought. She got up from the bed and turned on light switch. The pinks walls illuminated and the small girl smiled, realizing that no one was there. Then the glass broke and something crashed onto the floor. The small girl screamed in terror and a furry and clawed hand hit her mouth.
Audrey looked around. Every time she saw the wolf she had some sort of flashback and it began to scare her. The things she was seeing, she never before seen. The young girl almost resembled someone she knows. Janie.

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