Accepted Religions: Christianity
There could be cameras anywhere. We knew that. For me and Vivian even being out here at this time of night with nobody else could get us thrown in a Rehabilitation Hall, or worse, made Soulless. But still, we were risking it.
“Mavis?” Vivian whispered close to my ear, twirling her hair.
“Yeah,” I replied, also whispering. I didn’t understand why she was even talking, anyone still awake and with their windows open could definitely hear us.
“I’m scared,”
“Me too, Vivian. But you want to do this, right?”
“I really do, but if we get caught, we’ll get sent to a Rehabilitation Hall.”
“The faster we are, the less likely we’re caught. C’mon”
With that, Vivian turned away and hurried. I followed. Soon, we got to the end of the road, and turned into an alley way. We almost sprinted to the very end of it. Then I turned to Vivian.
“Are you ready?” I asked her. She looked nervous, and turned her head behind us for a second.
“Yeah, I guess.” She replied, her voice shaking slightly.
“Alright. Come here,” I said, opening my arms.
Then, she moved closer, and almost melt into my arms. Delicately, I pulled her into my chest, and planted my lips on hers. With a burst of elated joy, I could taste Vivian’s lip balm, plum, and feel her heart, beating warmly, in tune with mine, as well as being tickled by her loose, red hair.
After a few minutes, Vivian split apart from me. Jubilation shined in her eyes.
“I love you,” She whispered, nuzzling her head into my shoulder.
“I love you too,” I said as I closed my eyes and resting my head on hers.
After a while, neither knew how long, we split apart.
“Time to go, I guess,” Vivian said mournfully, staring at me.
“Good bye. See you tomorrow,” Limply waving my hand.
“One more hug?” She asked.
“Sure,” leaning in for another embrace.
But soon, we had to split up before dawn. Shaking out of the embrace, we hurried out of the alley, and split up, heading to our houses.
Once I got to my house, I snatched the spare key and unlocked the front door, trying to be as quiet as possible. Silently, I opened the front door. The house was dark and silent, the shapes of the sofa, hearth and coffee table being amorphous blobs. The night light in the kitchen glowed dimly against the fruit bowl and the checkered pattern of the wall. Suddenly, the lights flicked on. I tensed up.
Spinning to my left where the dining room was, I saw my mom and dad. Their dirty blonde hair was neatly combed and slicked, and their neat business suits were pristine.
“Is there something you would like to tell us?” My mom asked rhetorically.

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